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Travel apps are great aids to people who are not just dreaming about trips, but living them. While nobody argues your skills, these travel apps are meant to make your life easier. Following are some of the best travel apps you are bound to find. I update the list periodically so if you feel some ‘must have’ travel apps were left out, please give me a shout.

The essentials:

HostelWorld App – Save yourself precious time while booking your next hostel. Download hostels for your chosen destination that can be easily accessed in offline mode or view hostels on a map in relation to your current location
Google Earth – This app tells you where on earth you are, where everything else is and how to get there
Paypal Very helpful when you realize you have no money left for a return ticket from the other end of the world. You can send & receive money and make transfers between PayPal and your bank account
The Weather Channel – As the name says, this app tells you what to wear. And to answer your question, Vatican has nothing to do with it, nor does you mother. I guess… 
Kayak – Easily find and book cheap flights, airline tickets, hotels, vacations and car rentals either online or by calling an agent from the app. You can even track your flight status or get in touch with your airline if something goes wrong.

OpenTable Free App – This handy app lets you search restaurants for available reservations. Enter the date and time you want to meet and eat, along with your preferred cuisine, price range, and the number of people, and OpenTable will spit out a list of places for you

Urbanspoon App – Whenever you are hungry, shake your iPhone and eateries will fall from the sky, all nicely filter by neighborhood, cuisine, or price! It’s like a slot machine, for food!
World Customs & Cultures App Customs, cultural information, and facts on over 165 different countries
WeatherBug Elite gives you live local weather and hourly forecasts, provides radar animations.
CoPilot Live 8  guides you with full spoken, turn-by-turn directions, real-time information along the way

Apps for keeping in touch:

Skype App  – Your family and friends will be happy to know you are still alive. Unless there’s some inheritance involved
Facebook App – A cheaper way to stay in touch with your friends while you are on the road

Apps for travel photographers:

PhotoGene App – Probably the best photo editing software for the iPad
Camera Plus Pro Features like antishake, a timer and gridlines made me chose this app for this list
Hipstamatic App Give digital photography an analog look, swap lenses, film, and flash settings
Photoshop Express App  – This free software lets you use simple gestures to quickly edit and share photos
Pro HDRcreate stunning full-resolution HDR images
TrueHDR create HDR pics and upload them to Facebook, Twitter, or email from within the app

Apps for fun:

Pandora App – Listen to music based on your tastes
Hulu Plus – Don’t miss any of your favorite shows
NYTimes Editors Pick App –  A quick read of the essantials of the day
NPR App – Listen to your favorite programs
Game Table App – Enjoy some games on the road
ABC App – Cool ABC shows
Netflix App – Watch movies on Netflix
Epicurious App – Have a good number of recipes with you on the road

Office apps on the go:

QuickOffice App – Access MS Word and Excel docs, edit and save to Google Docs or Dropbox
PageOnce App – Personal Finance
TouchCalc – Great free calculator with lots of nifty extras
Things App – Organized with task lists and scheduled reminders – Look up words in the dictionary
Dragon App – Dictation. It will write what you say with a certain degree of success
Evernote App – Tag the world as you go. Keep it for reference later
Dropbox App – Great for sharing docs between Mac computers and the iPad (sorry Windows users)
Wall Street Journal – There is a pay feature, but some content is free

Translator with Voice Remeber the instant language translator from Star Trek? Well, this is a step in that direction.
Free Translator provides an interface to the free Google Translate API for many languages

Currency  is providing up-to-date exchange rate info for more than 90 currencies and 100 countries.

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  1. Travel Guide
    | Reply

    Thanks for listing out this useful apps i have use some but some are new for me, i am looking forward to use it.

  2. Drew
    | Reply

    I haven't downloaded this one yet but one app that I've read about is called "Help Call", whichever country you're in, you can contact the police, fire or ambulance service with one touch. It might seem a bit paranoid but it's probably one of those things that's good to have and not need than need and not have.

    And one that I do use regularly is this one, from SilverDoor. They specialise in serviced apartments London but believe me, they're just as good at finding you accommodation when you've got yourself stranded because of BA going on strike. (To be fair, I do have to take some of the blame because I'd been an idiot and travelled to the airport without checking on the status of my flight. That, and I'd forgotten to charge up my laptop as well, so it was very much a case of iPhone to the rescue again…)

  3. Ben Mackey
    | Reply

    I really like the currency app while I'm travelling.

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