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When Benedict from Iconic Guides first told me about their audio tours I thought “What a great idea!”. My iPod is my faithful dog that protects me from boredom wherever I go. I never leave home without it and I could never go on a trip without its company. It’s not only the music, but also the audio books I so easily carry in the tiny device that fits in a pocket that made me fall in love with it in the first place.
Iconic Guides
Benedict was kind enough to send me an MP3 audio guide of one of his favorite temples in Japan, Byodo-in at Uji City, on the southern outskirts of Kyoto. Listening to it made me wish I could hop on the first flight to Japan. Japan has been on my bucket list for a while so he really managed to touch a sensitive cord there 😉
The audio guide was divided into a few chapters, a few minutes each. I also got a map of the place that helped a lot, especially as I was sitting at my desk and not in front of the Japanese temple. Each chapter has a correspondent  number on the map, which makes it more than easy to get a general feeling of the place. And they are way cheaper than the traditional tour guides!
What I loved even more about Iconic Guide’s audio tour was the perfect balance of details that kept the guide interesting. Not too vague, not too in depth. I usually hate the extended, poorly written audio guides one can get in the museums. Actually, after wasting my money on a few boring ones that were trying to feed me information I couldn’t remember past the museum exit door, I stopped paying for them. This isn’t the case with Iconic Guide’s audio tours. They are meant to be interesting lessons about world’s greatest ancient civilisations. You can listen to an audio sample and see for yourself the quality of the audio guides.
I usually backpack. That means I never carry paper books with me. Not even travel guides. They are way too heavy and I hate walking around a place and reading about it at the same time. It just doesn’t feel right. Now plugging myself to my iPod is an entirely different experience if that means listening to a little voice in my head telling me the story of the place.
The Iconic Guides audio tours are written by a team of historians and the information they provide cover the cultural, artistic and architectural heritage of the places. They have already covered Egypt, Japan and Greece and they are currently working on expanding their library with audio guides on ancient Rome, Turkey and Mayan and Aztec empires. Their aim is to provide independent travelers with insightful, accurate and up to date commentaries to these destinations.
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  1. Finn
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    I have used Iconic Guides, and I can recommend them.

  2. Mark
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    Iconic Guides seem to have quite a few interesting locations covered.

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