Recipes From The Road: Romanian Stuffed Eggs

Though we are going to travel to Romania again this summer, we could not wait any longer, and today I've decided to do the Romanian stuffed eggs recipe I learned on our last visit there. Since then, I prepared it for many of our friends, and they simply loved it every time.

We have to say this is one of the most delicious dishes we've tasted in Romania. It is usually served as a starter, along with other salads and goodies.

My mom must be very proud of me right now as she loves to decorate the plates and make them look really festive. Though, I must confess that when we sat down at the table, we felt sorry for the little ducks staring at us from the plate and we could not eat them. If you suspect you might have the same problem, try to use your creativity in a different direction.

I was in a playful mood today, and also I was testing my new camera.

Therefore, this is how the Romanian stuffed eggs traditionally look like, and this is how you will find them served in any Romanian restaurant or household.

Traditional Romanian cuisine is usually pretty elaborate and requires lots of time to prepare the dishes, but this recipe can be ready in more or less 30 minutes and it's not difficult at all.

So, here's the recipe:

Hard boil the eggs, shell and let cool.

Cut in half crosswise, remove the yolks and place them on a plate.

In a bowl, mix the yolks with finely chopped pickles and ham. Add parsley, dill and pepper to taste.

Add mayonnaise to this mixture. I always like to do my homemade mayonnaise. It is tastier, healthier and it takes only 3 minutes. I know, sometimes I can be so last century!...

Fill each egg half with a teaspoon of the above mixture. Pour some of the remaining mayonnaise mixed with sour cream on top of the eggs. Decorate the plate (optional). And voilà!

You can even turn the egg halves upside down and give them parsley wings and croquette heads and call them ducks on a lake. 

Aren't they cute? Can you blame us for not having the heart to eat them? But like Scarlett O'Hara would say, 'Tomorrow is another day'.

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