Brilliant Holidays And Hotels For Bilbiophiles

Everyone has their own idea of what makes a perfect holiday. For some it's wherever they can fly cheaply for sun, surf and adventure. For others, it's fine dining experiences and strolls among the shops. But for booklovers, there can be few holidays as perfect as those that let them indulge their literary passion. If you love to read and the idea of a holiday that puts your appetite for words at the centre of its ethos, you'll be glad to know there are some truly excellent holiday options designed specifically with you in mind.

Discover reading experiences like no other by booking a stay in one of the 50 Bibliotels hotels dotted around the world. This is a hotel chain that exemplifies all the qualities you need to really be able to sink into a good book and each individual hotel is a booklover's paradise. To be a Bibliotel, the accommodation must be perfectly designed to offer intense and atmospheric reading conditions. These range from peaceful sun-soaked decks to cost rooms with plush arm chairs and libraries and you'll find Bibliotels championing literary holidays in Austria, Germany, South Tyrol, France and Greece.

In Berlin, you'll find another amazing opportunity to indulge your passion in all things bookish. The Hotel Friedenau is owned by author Christa Moog and is an absolute haven for bibliophiles and writers. She was inspired by the vibrant literary history of Berlin and her hotel pays homage to Christoph Meckel, who wrote the beautiful Bockshorn in Friedenau, as well celebrating some of the huge number of spectacular authors who've stayed in the Berlin quarter of Friedenau over the years.

Each room is infused with character and allows the guest a glimpse into the life of a particular writer, thanks to fascinating collections of books, biographies, manuscripts, drawings and photos. During a stay at this literature-imbued hotel, you're sure to feel invigorated and ready to explore some of the other literary delights the city has to offer. Alternatively, you'll also adore curling up on one of its divine reading chairs and stepping into a new world.

Another exclusive and entirely intoxicating reading holiday can be found at the stunning Shanghai Art and Literature Hotel. It may be located at the west end of Jing An business and shopping area, but inside it is a picture of tranquility and a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of life. Coming in at twelve stories high, it's certainly not a small space and holidaymakers have the choice of a large range of accommodation options – from twin rooms to flats – and all offer the peace and quiet you expect when you want tome alone with your book.

The hotel has positioned itself as a hub for creative people from all walks of life, with a particular emphasis on art and literature. Time your visit to coincide with the International Literary Festival for a holiday that's packed with top authors as well as their books. Ready to escape with some of your favourite writers?

About the Author: Julie writes for, the flight and hotel comparison site. She never takes a trip without a good book in hand!

Photo by Anselm Hook

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  1. Shanghai Art and Literature Hotel sounds like a must see/stay. Adding that to my list!

  2. Thanks, I'm always looking for book-loving hotels and holidays! In Paris, have you heard of Le Pavillon des Lettres? Here is a post I wrote about it:

  3. Gosh, what a marvellous idea! Some fantastic recommendations too, I'd love to escape with literature and get off this damn computer once in a while!