Top 50 Travel Bloggers (June - August 2014)

The following Top 50 Travel Bloggers list is based on the premises that blog traffic is just as important as social media presence. The list reflects engagement, follower numbers and blog traffic in an objective manner, entirely based on numbers.

The stats taken into consideration were for the June 1st - August 31st 2014 time period.

The top 50 travel bloggers list

1 A Luxury Travel Blog
2 Y Travel Blog
3 Champagne Living 
4 Our Awesome Planet
5 Migrationology
6 Malaysia Asia
7 Travel Dudes
8 Finding the Universe
9 True Nomads
10 Time Travel Turtle
11 Ordinary Traveler
12 Hole in the Donut
13 The Barefoot Nomad
14 Wild Junket
15 The Poor Traveler
16 Wandering Educators
17 Travel Mamas
18 Travelettes
19 Travel With Bender
20 Go Nomad
21 Traveling Canucks
22 The Vacation Gals
23 Travelocafe
24 Just One Way Ticket
25 Leave Your Daily Hell
26 Breathe Dream Go
27 Travels of Adam
28 Life With 4 Boys
29 Bohemian Trails
30 Mapping Megan
31 Gypsy Nester
32 Bren on the Road
33 Inside the Travel Lab
34 Bucket List Journey
35 Turkish Travel Blog
36 A Cruising Couple
37 Amateur Traveler
38 Matt Gibson
39 Living the Dream RTW
40 Travel Freak
41 Europe Up Close
42 Globo Treks
43 Inspiring Travellers
44 Travel With Kat
45 Bella Vida by Letty
46 Piccavey
47 Travel Addicts
48 Travel Experta
49 Crazzzy Travel
50 Girl vs Globe

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We have reached to a large sample of travel bloggers, but only bloggers that decided to provide their stats were included in this list. The same way you can only get a Pulitzer if you enter the competition, only bloggers who wanted to be included in the Top 50 Travel Bloggers were taken into consideration.

We aim to update this list every 3 months. If you want to be taken in consideration for inclusion in the next update of the Top 50 Travel Bloggers list, please drop us an email - info(at)travelocafe(dot)com.