Best Romantic Spots in Bucharest

Bucharest, Romania’s capital city was once nicknamed as Little Paris or Paris of the East. And for a reason. Its glorious architecture made it one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe in the beginning of the 20th century. However, most of the elegant buildings were destroyed during the years of communist misrule and a terrible earthquake. Today, the city is a mix of some pearls of that old sophisticated architecture, gray Soviet blocks, and modern buildings. Bucharest can’t be called the most romantic city in the world but it has a lot of nice places to see and visit with your loved one on your romantic trip.

Romanian Athenaeum

One of the most beautiful buildings in Bucharest is the Romanian Athenaeum. This is a glamorous concert hall built in the neoclassical style. It can boast luxurious exterior and interior. Doric columns and 40-meter high dome make it look like an ancient temple. The interior walls are decorated with mosaics depicting scenes from Romanian history. This is the home of George Enescu Philharmonic where you can listen to classical music.

Stavropoleos Monastery

This tiny but lovely church is a real gem of Bucharest. It’s built in the Brancovenesc style (Romanian Renaissance) combined with some Byzantine elements and Romanian architectural forms. The church is elegant and beautiful both from the outside and inside. Paintings and frescoes, wood and stone carvings can be seen inside. It’s known among the tourists for its rich library that features a collection of over 8000 books on theology, byzantine music, arts, and history.

Cismigiu Gardens

This is the oldest park in Bucharest. Although it’s often referred to as a park, it’s actually a 17-hectare garden. It’s located in the center of the bustling city so people come here to find peace and relax. Take a stroll among the lawns and winding paths surrounded by numerous trees and exotic flowers brought here from the Vienna’s botanical gardens. There is a lake so you can rent a rowing boat and explore it in summer or skate in winter. The Roman Garden laid out in the style of ancient Rome is probably the most romantic place in the park.

Palace of the Parliament

You can’t miss this administrative building because it’s so huge and impressive that you’ll notice it immediately. Situated in the historical center of Bucharest it attracts people’s attention by its dimensions and architecture. It is not less pompous inside and you can visit it via a guided tour.

Mogosoaia Palace

Treat your partner to a day of royal relaxation on the territory of Mogosssoaia Palace located 10 km away from Bucharest. Although the area where the palace can be found is far from impressive (it’s a rural landscape), the building and its courtyards are astonishing. The palace is open for visitors so don’t miss the chance to get inside and get lost going from room to room climbing spiral stairs. Also, visit the basement, a church, and a small house that serves as a museum. After that, take a walk in the gardens along the lake. Since it’s not very promoted among the tourist, it’s never crowded so you can breathe in fresh air, enjoy natural beauty, and listen to the silence.

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