Top 50 Travel Bloggers (March - May 2015)

The following Top 50 Travel Bloggers list is based on the premises that blog traffic is just as important as social media presence. The list reflects engagement, follower numbers and blog traffic in an objective manner, entirely based on numbers.

The first edition (June - August 2014) of the top can be found here.
The second edition (September - November 2014) of the top can be found here.

For the 3nd edition of the top, the stats taken into consideration were for the March 1st - May 31st 2015 time period.

The top 50 travel bloggers list (March - May 2015)

1 yTravelBlog -
2 A Luxury Travel Blog -
3 LandLopers NEW
4 Our Awesome Planet -1
5 Migrationology -1
6 Ordinary Traveler NEW
7 Time Travel Turtle -
8Out of Town Blog NEW
9 Traveldudes -4
10 Just One Way Ticket +3
11 Malaysia Asia NEW
12 Travel With Bender +5
13 Finding the Universe-5
14 Two Monkeys Travel Group NEW
15 Chasing the Donkey NEW
16 The Poor Traveler -2
17 Dream Euro Trip  +8
18 Wandering Educators -3
19 Travels of Adam +1
20 Travel Mamas NEW
21 The Vacation Gals +10
22 Mapping Megan +5
23 Traveling Canucks -2
24 Hole in the Donut -12
25 Breathe Dream Go -3
26 Going Awesome PlacesNEW
27 Just Travelous NEW
28 Where's Sharon NEW
29 Bucket List Journey   +7
30 The Barefoot Nomad -11
31 Goats on the Road -3
32 Ciao Bambino +2
33 Hippie in Heels +17
34 Travelocafe -18
35 Map Happy NEW
36 Wonderful Wanderings +3
37 I am Aileen NEW
38 Olielo NEW
39 Italian Notes -6
40 Nomadic Boys NEW
41 Travel Freak  +8
42 Inside the Travel Lab  -5
43 Turkish Travel Blog -8
44 Europe Up Close  -
45 Travel Babbo NEW
46 Bohemian Trails -5
47 Gypsy Nester -7
48 Life Part 2 -2
49 Notes of NomadsNEW
50 El boqueron viajero (English)NEW

This is how the 'top 50 travel bloggers' list was calculated

We took the relative position of each blog for 3 different metrics according to the following formula:
- 50% of the total score was represented by the blog traffic for the last 3 months (each blogger provided a screenshot of their Google Analytics)
- 30% of the total score was represented by the Klout score (calculated as the average between the 90 Day High and the 90 Day Low)
- 20% of the total score was represented by the total number of social media followers 

Note: Only one account per social networks was taken into consideration. Since this is a list of Top 50 Travel Bloggers, each blogger was given the option to choose between their personal profile or the fan page for each social network. Additionally, the only social networks taken into account were Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


If a blog's relative position for the first metric (blog traffic) is 28 and their relative position for the second metric (Klout) is 34 and their relative position for the third metric (followers) is 13, then the final score is calculated as:

50% * 28 + 30% * 34 + 20% * 13 = 26,8

Eventually all blogs were ordered ascendingly and formed the final Top 50 Travel Bloggers.

(please note the above example is random and does not represent the stats of any of the above blogs/bloggers)

We aim to update this list every 3 months. We decided to go for this time period because of the Klout score that calculates the highest and the lowest engagement score for the past 90 days.

We have reached to a large sample of travel bloggers, but only bloggers that decided to provide their stats were included in this list. The same way you can only get a Pulitzer if you enter the competition, only bloggers who wanted to be included in the Top 50 Travel Bloggers were taken into consideration.

If you want to be taken into consideration for inclusion in the next update of the Top 50 Travel Bloggers list, please drop us an email - info(at)travelocafe(dot)com - and we will contact you at the beginning of September 2015 asking for your stats.