10 Reasons to Visit Africa

10 Reasons to Visit Africa

America and Europe are tourists delights. Of recent, there is a shift towards the Asian Continent. Very little is known about the continent of Africa. Do you know that a visit to this so-called dark continent can open new chapters that you never realized? Presented here are 10 of the reasons why you must pay a visit to this so-called dark continent:

  1. Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro was discovered about 150 years ago and it represents one of the worlds natural wonders. At first, image footages show that the mountain is enveloped in ice; but today, 90% of the ice is gone; no thanks to the activity of man on the environment. If you want to see the glaciers, then you had better act fast before they are all gone forever. This mountain represents the freedom of Tanzania where it is located in East Africa.

  1. The Kenyan Safari

Still, the location at the tourist attractions from East Africa; the Kenyan Safari represents another interesting gift of nature that will meet your tourist expectations when you pay a visit. This is the doyen of hunters all over the world. Though sports hunting is forbidden, Safari is still a viable option today.

There is a change for the better, however; you will be shooting with your camera lens now instead of through the barrel of the gun! This is perfectly in agreement with the conservation of wildlife. When you head to this safari; you should be prepared to photograph animals that you have never seen before in life. So of them are very amazing. If you are the type that has a phobia for wild animals, it might be scary for you when you enter the game’s reserve. The good thing is that fear will neither harm nor kill you; visiting the safari if you are in Africa should be a top priority at least once in a lifetime.

  1. The Seychelles

If you are a fan of beautiful beaches, then you should book your flight and head for Seychelles. There are countless beaches through which you can explore the beauty of nature. Do not expect five-star hotel accommodations when you get to this part of the world. That in itself presents another interesting experience altogether because the locals will provide you with cheap accommodation and you will learn more about other people’s culture.

The transport system is nothing to write home about, but that in itself will give you an experience that you can take home.

  1. Tanzania’s Termites

Tanzania also holds something of interest to the tourist. When you get to the Tanzanian Park, there are different kinds of animals that will delight any tourist that comes around. The mass of ants and termites that is around will bring out the curiosity in any tourist. These termites have created buildings in Tanzania; it is must see for tourists. If you desire to catch the best weather, then your trip must be planned for between June-October.

  1. The Landscape In Namibia

You will not get the architectural masterpiece that is the hallmark developed countries; but when you talk of nature at its best, then you can come to Namibia. This is the place where the ocean meets with the desert. Where is the oldest desert located in the world? When you get to Namibia; she will point that to you. The largest meteorite stands here one piece. You will photograph the scene where the earth and the sea blind seamlessly with the sky.

  1. Nature Wild Life In Zimbabwe

Here, the weather will pose no issues because the atmosphere is moderate. This country is noted for its abundance of wildlife. Plan your visit for May-October if you want to see the best of the animals. The Victoria falls is another point of attraction to tourists. Book your flight between April and May for the best dramatic view of this fall.

  1. Zanzibar’s Beaches

When you get to see the photographs of the beaches, you are going to fall in love with it naturally. The peaceful waters, pristine white sand, as well as sensational sunsets all combine to make a visit to this place worth all the troubles. There are many luxury hotels around for accommodation; the range per night is between $200-$400 per night. You are going to learn a lot about the history and cultural practices of the locals.

  1. Mozambique’s Uniqueness

This is a country that is different from the rest that makes up the African Continent. The official language here is Portuguese. They are friendly and happy people and you will get to see women carrying a heavy load on their head and at the same smiling at you. The tourist potentials here is the main revenue of the government.

  1. Mozambique’s Uniqueness

The wildlife here will also interest any tourist from other continents. The memories of the plant and wildlife of Madagascar can last a tourist a lifetime. This Island is best known for weird chameleons, baobab trees, beautiful orchids, and lemurs.

  1. Ikogosi Spring

This is our number 10 on the list and it represents one of the greatest wonders of this world. Located in South West Nigeria, you will get to see a spring that brings out two sources of water. One is cold and the other warm. This water never mixes, they come out in their temperature range and only mix after three meters away from the source. This is a place to visit once in a lifetime.

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