The House With One Million Christmas Lights…

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Faucher family’s Christmas lights

… or how to turn your house into a tourist attraction.

For 25 years now Faucher family in Delaware, USA has been decorating their house with one million Christmas lights; and this surely gives a totally new meaning to the words “crazy about Christmas”. While this is my favorite holiday of the year, I somehow manage to stay happy with only 200 tiny light bulbs on my Christmas tree. Yes, I know, there must be something wrong with me!

HouseLogic was nice enough to do the math for the Faucher’s and they came up with a pretty sum of $82,320 in electricity bill for one month. While the house looks nice and everything decorated like that, I can think of better ways of spending that money.

Gizmodo went further and they said that if the Faucher’s were using LEDS, which they don’t (booo!), their bill would shrink down to $10,680. Huge difference, but still expensive, not to mention that the LEDS cost money to buy too.

While nobody thought about asking the Faucher’s how much they really pay for their extravagant Christmas spirit that surely drives nuts their neighbors  lets just say that everything fun in life is either immoral, illegal or fattening. No wonder the Grinch didn’t come to steal their Christmas. Too much work!

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  1. Ryan
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    Send round the men in white coats, these people are obviously mentally challenged!!!

  2. Global Butterfly
    | Reply

    OMG love it!!!!!!

  3. Sarah Wu
    | Reply

    Fun lighting.. Loving the holiday and Christmas!~

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