Video Of The Day: Get Your Kitty Fix At A Japanese Cat Café

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Lattes, pastries and puffy kitty cats; what else does one need to relax?
Cat cafés are huge in Japan right now. If you are a traveler in need to indulge on your petting urges or a stressed, shy, young local renting a nearby flat and your landlord is a d*** who won’t allow you to have pets, forget about expensive shrinks and go instead and have some overpriced petting time in a cat café. While cats are the kings of these cafés, they are in their own right to say yes or no to you. You are not allowed to wake them up not to pick them up. But you can flip though a manga or surf the internet with a kitty cat in your lap or on your keyboard. It all depends on what the kitties are in mood for at the particular hour you happen to visit them, because, you see, here they really live up to their cattishness.
The first cat café opened in Japan in 2004 but the concept originated in Taiwan, six years earlier. It would be nice for the trend to spread to the wild wild west too. In the meantime, Japan, I’m looking forward meeting your kittens!

Update: In the meantime, I’ve been to Japan and you can read the post I wrote about my visit to a cat café in Tokyo.

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    I'd really like to go to a cat cafe! I love cats!

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