InterContinental Hotel Hong Kong Offers The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Experience

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Dear boyfriends and husbands, if you thought flowers, chocolate, candlelit dinners and diamonds will never run out of fashion, you were terribly wrong. We like to be pampered and feel like princesses and we love it when our girlfriends are jealous of us and you are fools for us. So better put your house up for sale because InterContinental Hotel from Hong Kong is welcoming with open arms your US$130,000 (that’s HK$1 million) in exchange for a one night Valentine’s Day romance in their 7,000 square feet presidential suite, probably the most extraordinary suite in the whole Asia.

InterContinental Hong Kong’s presidential suite is overlooking the dazzling Victoria Harbour and it has a 2,500 square feet rooftop terrace with infinity swimming pool and jacuzzi (isn’t that already worth half the money?), duplex living room, dining room, 5 bedrooms, gym, private study, sauna, steam room and rain forest shower for two. How on earth can one enjoy them all during a one night stay? Well, someone at InterContinental Hotel did some hard thinking and came up with a great idea! Let the Valentine’s Day Presidential Suite offer be valid for not one, but four nights! And so it is. Between 11 and 14th of February 2011 you can live on love at superlative levels.
Presidential Suite - Duplex Living Room
Duplex living room, Presidential Suite, Intercontinental Hotel in Hong Kong


The package comes with even more high-end features, like Rolls Royce limousine with private chauffeur at your disposal throughout your stay, a personal shopper, 1,000 roses (oh, yes, we want them red and all over the place), cocktails, romantic dinner with live music in one of the hotel’s 1-Michelin star restaurants (just about all the classic little gifts but at stratospheric new levels), champagne and caviar for breakfast, private butler and… Well, you got the idea and I love the sound of every single word above.

If up till now you thought love was blind, rest assured it can be also bankrupt. Before selling your house, better ask your parents if you can live with them for a while. After all, livin’ on love is just the name of an Alan Jackson song, and though I love the guy, it’s better to keep one foot on the ground from time to time.


Presidential Suite - Private Study
Private study, Presidential Suite, Intercontinental Hotel, Hong Kong


Photos courtesy Intercontinental Hotel Hong Kong

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  1. Akie A.
    | Reply

    Wow look a that presidential suite. I wouldn't want to leave.

  2. WanderingTrader
    | Reply

    The last thing I want a potential girlfriend to ask me for is to stay at this place.. looks like it would cost a fortune!

  3. Lol 🙂 I wish they did so. I would be happy even with one of the smaller suites and a tour of the presidential one. In fact I would be happy to go anywhere for Valentine's Day, but unfortunately I have exams from morning till night 🙁

  4. Andrew Murray
    | Reply

    It looks amazing, I think Laura (my wife) stays there with work occasionally, but not in the presidential suite.

    Do they sponsor posts in exchange for a Valentines Day stay? If so, I want in on that action lol

  5. sarah
    | Reply

    wow, I wish I am in HK during VDAY lol

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