VIDEO: Corning Museum of Glass

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Corning Museum of Glass, in Corning, New York is world’s largest glass museum, featuring 35 centuries of glass artistry and more than 45,000 glass objects. The museum explores every facet of glass, including art, history, culture, science and technology, craft, and design.

Corning Museum’s Glass Collection Galleries tell the story of glass creation through objects representing every country and historical period in which glassmaking has been practiced, from Ancient Egypt to the present day. From decorative urns and plates to chandeliers, the Corning Museum of Glass features glass blown items, live demonstrations and even provides the posibility of making your our glass under the motto “We provide the materials and you provide the imagination”. Kids and teens under 19 can visit for free!

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  1. Belinda
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    As a very clumsy person, I feel like I'd be scared to walk around in a museum with such fragile items. Regardless, the museum sounds very intriguing, I have never heard of it before even though I am from New York.

  2. Robert Scott Lawrence
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    I was there a few years ago for business and stopped by for a lunch time visit — it's really quite amazing to see all the handblown items they've collected there, particularly since Corning, NY is not exactly (well, not anymore) the bustling center of anything.

  3. Cathy Sweeney
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    I visited Corning when I was very young. Even then, I was in awe of everything on display, from the very old to the new. Enjoyed the video!

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