The Temptations of La Boqueria Market on Las Ramblas in Barcelona

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Mercat de la Boqueria is Barcelona’s best-known food market. Situated just off the busy Las Ramblas, this impressive market is definitely a food museum and a must visit whether you are looking for ingredients for a fine meal or just wandering through.

Chances are La Boqueria is like nothing you’ve seen before. To be more precise, it is quite the opposite of a chaotic Thai food market. La Boqueria is so colorful and the stalls are so nicely and neatly organized that it makes the merchandise look tastier than it probably is. The place is an assault on the senses, with goods ranging from fish and seafood to all kind of fruits and vegetables your imagination can count for and beyond. And that’s exactly what makes it so special, because La Boqueria is not a big market by any standards and has no architectural value whatsoever.

The ready-made fresh fruit salads and 100% fresh fruit juices looked so yummy and were the ones that stood out for me through variety, quantity and a dazzling display! Other Spanish goodies like Jamon Serrano and all kinds of cheese weren’t missing either, but they just looked like in any other big Spanish market I’ve visited before. The sweets and chocolates looked delicious too, but again, nothing new. Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed walking around La Boqueria.

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  1. Devjani Ghose
    | Reply

    This is really colorful..

  2. The Traveling Fool
    | Reply

    I love these photos. Markets in a country other than your own are so cool. I can walk around and look for hours.

  3. Anonymous
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    Hey!! Really nice pictures from a really nice market 🙂 I just came back from vacation in Barcelona and I can still feel the taste of all the good stuff from the market!! We had an apartment from Barcelona-Home and lived just one block away from the market.. LOVELY! I can also recomend tapas in the Born area!!

  4. Don Faust
    | Reply

    I love Mercat de la Boqueria. It's such a colorful place. I wish I could remember the name of this one tapas place towards the entrance, but it's a well known foodie favorite – the food was awesome!

  5. Travelocafe
    | Reply

    Oh, but the market is crowded too, very crowded. Imagine the busy Las Ramblas, just with double the people on square meter 🙂

  6. Beat The Brochure
    | Reply

    Lovely Photo diary of Barcelona – captured the bright and bold colours of the food markets so well. It makes for a nice break from the hussle & bussle of Las Ramblas and fantastic photo opportunities!

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