The Three Valleys, France. A Snow Heaven

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I love having fun in the snow, don’t you? Even more than that, I love France and the French Alps, therefore, a fun filled white holiday there always sounds like heaven to me.

France has many ski areas, varied and extensive and the snow is super reliable here. One of the best ski areas is however the Three Valleys, also known as the largest ski area in the world. Nestled high in the French Alps, the Three Valleys plays host to some of the best skiing in the world, has over 600 km of pistes and over 200 ski lifts, and attracts skiers and snowboarders of all abilities.
The Three Valleys reminds me a bit of the Three Musketeers story. It used to incorporate three valleys, as the name says, but the ski area has been lately extended to a forth valley. These valleys, of an unspoiled beauty, are all well linked in between and possible to ski using a single ski pass.

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The Three Valleys offers panoramas and magnificent scenery, as well as unique views over the Swiss and Italian Alps to the north and east. Lots of family orientated activities are also available and the little ones can easily discover their passion for winter sports here.
Nevertheless, one of the craziest activities organized at the Three Valleys is the speed dating organized on the 14th of Februry. You are given 15 minutes to meet someone in a gondola and decide if he or she is your soulmate. So if you are single and always wanted to spend your ski holidays in France, this is your chance. Who knows, you might even go back home married. Vegas style!

The Three Valleys opens for the season on the 3rd of December.


Photos via Flickr Creative Commons  by 123_456 (1&3) and KitLKat (2)

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  1. Claire
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    Speed dating on a Gondola, sounds like fun! I need to check my calendar!

  2. Frau Dietz
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    Some of the best skiing I've ever had has been there – love it! I'd love to be going back this season…

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