VIDEO: Skateboarding Through India

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The origins of skateboarding dates back to the early 1900’s in the United States, but since then it has been exported to many other countries. For some it is a recreational sport, for others a form of art, and for the very few, a job.

Skateboarders might be seen through somewhat annoyed eyes in the Western world nowadays, but in India skateboarding seems to be a novelty still, and people gather and actually cheer the skateboarding performances. Although, I could not help but notice the fact that the audience is almost 100% male. I wonder if it has to do with preference or culture?

It’s a completely different world out there, and the contrast between cultures it’s easy to spot. The faces of the kids learning to craft their own skateboards are priceless, and the final scene with the pigeons is epic indeed.
Shot in Bangalore, Jaipur, Delhi and Agra, this video shows India through the eyes of a skater. It’s all about finding the right surfaces and enjoying them. I simply love how both the locals and the skaters learn about each other, transform, grow together and enrich themselves from the experience. The interaction between the two cultures is marvelous. 

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  1. Namaste
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    Hello from India, Lovely Video. I am so glad you dedicated your time and column on your blog to flick India. These guys are crazy. I would love to do skateboarding that way. So cool. I hope they had a good time in India. Keep the love coming. Namaste

  2. Tes
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    Really cool video. I live in India and travel quite a lot. To the above comment, I can say India is not sexist. Here we have a woman president for crying out loud. But this is really something I haven't seen. So cool.

  3. Anonymous
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    cool video, the reason for the almost 100% male audience however is the sad fact that India is quite sexist and is downright dangerous for women to be out and about. If they aren't out doing something with a male companion, they aren't just chilling and enjoying the scenery.

  4. Cole @ FourJandals
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    Such an awesome video! Love the crowds and their reactions over every little trick.

  5. mugs
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    Absolutely amazing!. very well shot and a great simple concept.
    Congrats to the producers!

  6. Very cool!

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