Spring At The Botanical Garden From Dublin

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We’ve only been to Dublin once – in spring. But I can’t imagine a better timing, as the whole city was in bloom and I’m a sucker for pretty flowers.

I have to admit that the parks of Dublin totally took me by surprise. I new Ireland was green, but I never expected the public parks to be so well cared for and colorful. Back then, we were still living on the arid Costa Blanca, and all I can say is that the change was shocking.  
On one of the mornings, our friends from Dublin took us to the Botanical Garden. Right from the entrance I was smitten and the feeling persisted the whole time we walked through the gardens. I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced that complete disorientation when in a new place you like it so much that you don’t know where to look first. I really hope you did, because it’s a marvelous experience.
I’ve never seen so many tulips together and in such incredible variety in my entire life. And the green house was full of orchids in bloom too. So many colors, so many shapes and sizes… I was blown away. Truth is, these flowers are one of the reasons I’m so fond of Dublin to this day. 
I wish the Botanical Gardens from Valencia were so green. While it offers sanctuary to many cats and that makes it one of my favorite Botanical Gardens ever, the Mediterranean climate will never ever allow it be so full of flowers in bloom neither in spring nor in any other season. 
But while cats are lacking from the Botanical Garden from Dublin, squirrels are its proud inhabitants. And, boy, I love squirrels too! Actually my very first post on this blog was about the little furry fellows. I just think they are super extra ‘Ice Age’ cute because they are so playful, silly and funny while they think they are doing serious stuff, like gathering nuts.  
OK, now I seriously induced myself in a state of nostalgia and the urge to visit Dublin again is taking over my judgement.

Have you been to Dublin? What’s you favorite time of the year to visit Ireland?

14 Responses

  1. Dave
    | Reply

    Absolutely stunning! Can you please upload them in full size?

  2. These flowers are gorgeous!

    • Laura
      | Reply

      They bring a smile on my face every time I'm looking at them 🙂

  3. Laura
    | Reply

    Yay! Spring rocks! 🙂

  4. Laura
    | Reply

    We loved Ireland in spring and I'm sure you would too. We would love to visit the Irish countryside in summer too, but I have a feeling that Ireland doesn't get any better than during springtime.

  5. Abby
    | Reply

    Gorgeous flower photos!! Put me in the mood for spring!

  6. These are gorgeous photos! We've definitely got spring fever here in New England. Never been to Ireland, but spring looks like a fabulous time to go.

  7. safari
    | Reply

    Very beautiful pics

  8. Laura
    | Reply

    I'm sorry it rained while you were visiting… We were lucky enough to have 4 days straight of sun.

  9. Laura
    | Reply

    Kanzang Tenzin,
    Thank you 🙂

  10. Kurt
    | Reply

    I remembering it raining almost every day in Ireland during the summer. That being said it is absolutely beautiful. Didn't see the botanical gardens while I was there, but it looks stunning.

  11. Kunzang Tenzin
    | Reply

    Great pictures

  12. Laura
    | Reply

    Thank you D.J. I also had gorgeous subjects 🙂

  13. Simply gorgeous pics…

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