Tips for First-Time Visitors to Les Deux Alpes

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A stay at Les Deux Alpes resort (also called Les 2 Alpes) can be both exciting and relaxing, depending on the preferences of the visitor. This amazing Alpine destination is perfect for people who enjoy snow sports, but there are many opportunities for pleasant moments outside of the slopes, as well. Here is a quick overview of what to look for.

Deciding when to go

Short answer is: whenever. Les Deux Alpes is one of the rare remaining resorts where summer skiing is possible on the higher slopes and the glacier above the village, so the incoming river of visitors never runs dry. This fact allows great flexibility when planning for upcoming vacation, especially for people who enjoy skiing in the sun. Some experienced visitors even prefer off-season months because the trails are emptier and more comfortable to navigate. However, temperatures can be quite low on this altitude with considerable wind chill making matters worse, so bringing warm clothes is a must regardless of time of the year. 

Finding a place to stay

Picking the right hotel in les Deux Alpes is very easy, since there are numerous hotels, apartments or vintage chalets to choose from. Capacities of the resort are considerable, so finding a free bed should not be a problem even during the peak season. Entire price spectrum is covered, with sufficient options for budget travelers and high-rollers alike. Lodgings can be researched and compared on the internet, so first-time visitors are advised to browse around a bit, watch photos and read guest reviews before settling for the accommodation that fulfils their expectations. It is important to note that accommodations are scattered all around the plateau, so micro-location within the resort should be taken into account, too.

Where to ski at Les Deux Alpes?

This resort is known as “upside-down” ski center, meaning that all the hardest runs are located on the lower slopes, while high-altitude trails being more gentle and much wider. The glacier is particularly interesting for beginners and casual skiers, as its nearly flat surface provides excellent conditions for learning. A system of supporting infrastructure is built to make access to the runs easier, with ski lifts and gondolas taking guests from their les deux alpes hotel to the top of the glacier in just 20 to 30 minutes. Not to forget, Les Deux Alpes is a snowboarders dream come true – it has a boarder cross, half-pipe and other fun props needed for this sport. 

Nightlife and entertainment

Visitors can find multiple wining and dining opportunities conveniently positioned all around the resort. Depending on individual taste, they can opt for small cafes, gourmet restaurants or anything in between. For the most part, entertainment venues are full but not crowded, providing just the right mix of frantic activity and laid-back atmosphere. For more gregarious types, there are open air-parties and all kinds of fun events going on to spice up the visit and make it truly memorable. Make no mistake – this is not a sleepy Alpine village where everyone goes to sleep right after dark.

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  1. Vince Mendoza
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    Les Deux Alpes. I'm kind of butchering the pronunciation right now but I like what I saw on your post. The place is amazing. Lots of outdoor activities can be done here. Thanks! I'm looking forward to ski here.

    • Laura
      | Reply

      No problems, I'm butchering the pronunciation too, haha 🙂

  2. cara waters
    | Reply

    I was in Les Deux Alpes in summer as it is a great place to stay for watching Le Tour when it does the Alpe d'Huez stage – another great reason to visit the region.

  3. Awesome tips for staying at Les Deux Alpes!

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