Traveling From Poland to Denmark via Germany

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It’s been a hustling couple of days and we didn’t get the chance to keep you updated with our whereabouts, so I will try to resume in a few words the 7th to the 10th day of our 1 month InterRail trip through Europe.
We left Warsaw on Friday and headed north. We would have loved to visit Poznan as well, but it was too much of a detour, so we left it for another time. We spent most of the day on the train and discovered that when you don’t have much else to do and you don’t feel like writing articles for the blog, Angry Birds isn’t such a bad game to kill the hours.
We finally arrived in Elblag late in the evening. The train from Warsaw to Olsztyn was about one hour late and we were pretty sure we had lost the regional train to Elblag. Fortunately, as this was the last train to Elblag for the day, it actually waited for our train to arrive and take the passengers who needed to change trains. We were deeply impressed with such a good will action, even more as except for the two of us there was only one other person going to Elblag that evening.

Malbork Castle

The next day we took the train for Malbork, determined to visit its famous castle. We were taken by surprise by how big Malbork Castle was. We actually needed the whole morning to tour it! Though the rooms pretty much lack furniture, the courtyards are amazing and the contrast between the red brick walls and the vegetation is perfect. There is also an amber museum inside the castle, and though I’m not much into this kind of stuff, I found it pretty interesting. 
In the afternoon we took the train to Gdansk. I was really hoping to get more than just an afternoon in Gdansk, but I guess sometimes things don’t work as planed. I can’t say we’ve got to discover all its beauty, but at least in the evening we left with a well formed first impression. For us however, Gdansk was more than anything, crowds. Partly because there was some kind of festival in the nearby town of Gdynia, partly because Gdansk is considered by many the most beautiful city in Poland and therefore it draws crowds of tourists from all corners of the world.

We didn’t get past the first impression in the little time we spent there, plus a storm was coming, so we only saw the most important streets of Gdansk, as pointed to us on a map by the girl at the tourist office. Conclusion? Gdansk has a couple of impressive streets indeed, with amber shops on both sides. It’s a pity there aren’t more streets like that in the city though. Maybe someday we’ll go back and discover it’s real beauty. Up till then, Wroclaw remains for us the most beautiful city in Poland.
On the 9th day of our tip we left Poland and headed for Lubeck. The train ride took us literally the whole day. We arrived in the beautiful German city at sunset. It was our second visit here and only got to revisit the city center and the shores during a few hours in the evening and a couple more in the morning. We’ll be back to Germany in a couple of weeks however, once we finish out InterRail trip.
Monday we were on the move again, this time to Aarhus, Denmark. We’ve spent a lot of time on trains during the last few days, as we left Eastern Europe for Scandinavia. It’s been tiresome, we have to admit it. But it has also been rewarding. This trip put Poland on the map for us. And in spite of certain shortcomings, we really recommend it to any traveler interested in history, arts, architecture and Eastern European culture. Eastern European, yes. I’m sorry, but I just can’t wrap my head around the idea of a Central Europe. From my point of view there are just Eastern, Western, Mediterranean and Scandinavian cultures in Europe.


You can also see our month long Interrail itinerary and read our tips for traveling Europe with an Interrail pass. Have you used an Interrail pass before or are you planning an Interrail trip in the near future? Please leave us your feedback. It means the world to us.

Though we used the Interrail Global Pass for our journey, it’s worth noting that single country passes are also available.

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    Poland is right around the corner from me, but I've never been. I guess it's time I went.

  2. Andrea
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    Very beautiful! I need to spend more time in these countries

  3. It sounds like a busy but rewarding journey 🙂

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