Korstäppan Hotel, Leksand. A Peek Into A Swedish Home

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Wild fresh cut flowers, my favorite

“I must have stepped into a fairytale!” I told myself the minute I entered Korstäppan Hotel. If only I had found this amazing place before getting married I would have held my wedding reception here for sure. Why, oh why, didn’t I know about this gorgeous mansion before? Well, these were just some of the thoughts that crossed my mind as my husband and I were checking in this amazing hotel in Leksand.

Korstäppan Hotel is located by the shores of Lake Siljan, in the picturesque town of Leksand, in central Sweden. As we walked from the train station to the hotel, we were hooked by the beauty and serenity of our surroundings. The houses looked like part of an exhibit, and everything was so tidy and well organized that for a moment we had doubts real people were actually leaving here year round. It is incredible places like this even exist, somehow suspended in a state of bliss, with no fences and almost no cars to disturb the silence.

As we arrived at the hotel, we entered a huge courtyard at the end of which a yellow wooden mansion surrounded by tall, tall pine trees waited for us with doors opened. On the right, a smaller dark house caught my eye, because of the vegetation growing on its roof. We later found out that some guests opt for staying in the cute green roofed house hidden among the trees instead of the cozy mansion.

I promised myself one day I will have a little house like this
Our room
Designed along the same lines as the rest of the hotel, our room featured colorful wallpaper that contrasted nicely with the white terracotta stove, vintage furniture and linen.

From the window we could see the immense terraced garden and at the very end, Lake Siljan. It’s impossible not to love just how healthy and green the grass looks at this latitude and we decided that the first order of things before unpacking should be checking out the garden. One step followed another, and before we knew it, we were wandering through the forest nearby picking berries and building some of the memories we are most fond of from our summer trip through Scandinavia.

The quantity of charming vintage objects, tapestries, drawings and fresh cut wild flowers decorating the lounge and the hallways of the hotel was however the key element that made us both fall in love with this place. The uniqueness of it all made us ask permission to peek inside some other guest rooms, just to discover that no two chambers looked the same. The carpets, fabrics and colorful patterns used in the decor, were a ticket to a charming trip into the past.

The Common Areas and the General Feeling
Korstäppan Hotel is a cozy, warm and friendly place. And that’s not only because of the uncounted for lamps and candles that spread a warm light over the colorful walls, sofas and armchairs, the piano covered in black and white photos and the guitar guests can play whenever they feel like. It’s also because of the people working here that would tell you stories about life at 60º N latitude and would serve you cookies and tea before you go to bed.

The yummiest homemade cookies, served hot

It’s difficult to put into words the feelings this place stirred in me. Korstäppan is a very special hotel, more than a hotel, for us it was like a home away from home and the perfect place to cuddle during a rainy afternoon. Actually all those long gone feelings from when I was a kid visiting my grandparents house came back to me, and briefly I even hoped for a bedtime story. Well, the cookies were delicious and I settled for them.

The pink fox was by far my favorite 

I loved the way the lobby was organized around tables, each having a different style, like small islands where each group of friends to relax.

The breakfast was served in a huge white room, with plenty of yummy dishes to chose from. I welcomed the light passing through the uncounted for windows, and just knowing how dark the winters can be here, I can only salute the person who designed them. And speaking of winter, I bet Korstäppan and Leksand look lovely covered in snow and Christmas time must be truly magical here…

The hotel has two dinning rooms, each of them with a different personality. They even host weddings here from time to time, so my initial question was quite legit.

I can’t imagine having visited Lake Siljan without actually staying at Korstäppan Hotel. This century old mansion was a big part of our Siljan experience, next to buying a red Dala horse. It embodies the quintessence of the region, from the curtains, to the wild flowers picked from the forest nearby, to the welcoming feeling and homey atmosphere. This is a personal hotel and for us it was a unique opportunity to peek into a Swedish home, a similar experience with visiting friends from another country. 
There were so many details I would have loved to take back home with me
Some hotels offer a place to sleep, others make you dream with your eyes open. Korstäppan does a great job at both and we can only recommend it from the bottom of our hearts as a once in a lifetime experience. Though, to be honest, I’m sure any sane person would want to stay here more than once…

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  1. Daniel J. Jones
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    Another great hotel review…this one is a little too "homey" for my tastes, but looks like a great spot!

  2. Lovely photos, very classy style!

  3. Margaret
    | Reply

    What a beautiful and rustic looking hotels, it would look amazing in winter… especially sitting next to that fireplace (if it works)

  4. This is one of the outstanding hotel , everything looks so cozy and magnificent! Awesome

  5. Rebecca Subbiah
    | Reply

    beautiful thanks for the tour

  6. Steven K
    | Reply

    This place is magical!

  7. I can see why you were captured by this place, its gorgeous! I enjoy staying in B & B's and this looks just the same but maybe a little larger.

  8. Jan Ross
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    What a beautiful place – and your photos really bring it to life. It reminds me more of a B & B than a hotel since it is so homey and comfortable.

  9. Tiny Girl With Big Bag
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    I love those wallpapers 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  10. Sonia
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    What a gorgeous hotel! I would love to stay there for a week or two.

  11. Ele
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    This looks like a very beautiful place to stay. I am in love with vintage objects at the moment.

    • Laura
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      Oh, Ele, than you would love staying at this hotel.

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