15 Photos from the Magical Town of Leksand (Sweden)

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Lake Siljan & its surroundings is one of the most beautiful places on Earth
The woods by the lake are a great place to go for a romantic walk

‘Vackerhet’ in Swedish means ‘beauty’. Right on the money!
Walking through the forest we found all kinds of wild berries, mushrooms and even spotted a squirrel
 Mother Nature is truly amazing
These trees look like they are about to walk away. I wonder if Tolkien got his inspiration from here…
What can be better than picking your own fruits?
Lake Siljan was formed 377 million years ago by Europe’s largest meteoric impact

Simply yummy. And free!
Each of the houses in the Old Leksand Museum have some very interesting explanations in English

And there are pretty flowers everywhere

They even have a small Japanese garden

We found these beauties by our hotel

But even some of the inhabited houses of Leksand look like they could belong in a museum

The locals wouldn’t give up on their exercise routine even if it’s pouring down rain outside
(photo taken from under a huge umbrella)

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7 Responses

  1. Regan
    | Reply

    Great pics ! Looks green and peaceful. Would love to visit some time

  2. Pernilla1970
    | Reply

    My beautiful home town, Leksand. I sure do miss that place. Maybe I can go visit Leksand next time I come home to Sweden for a visit. The "Japanese garden" most be a new place though, I cannot remember that from my time in Leksand….

  3. Jade - OurOyster.com
    | Reply

    I love the cozy little wooden houses!

  4. Bryan McHeyzer
    | Reply

    Excellent photos!
    Everything looks so green and lush … a bit different from many places here in Australia.
    thanks for sharing.

  5. Fantastic pictures! Thanks for the glimpse into this area. Looks like I need to visit 🙂

  6. Tiny Girl with Big Bag
    | Reply

    Truly a magical place. Thanks for sharing the photos 🙂

  7. The Guy
    | Reply

    They are great pictures. You have a keen eye and an excellent camera.

    I'm very excited about making my first trip to Scandinavia next year. However it is early in the year so I fear lots of snow.

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