Hotel Nikko Osaka. In the Middle of A Shopaholic’s Dream

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We arrived in Osaka on a blistery day of October, feeling like cuddling in a comfy hotel room more than ever. A few days before we had booked a 3 night stay with AsiaRooms in one of their mid-range in price hotels in Osaka, and we were now at Shinsaibashi Station trying to find our way to our accommodation. Luckily, as soon as we got out of the platform, we spotted a sign pointing towards Hotel Nikko Osaka where we had the reservation. We followed the signs through the subway station, passing by glamorous shops and inviting restaurants (somehow all the subway stations in Japan resemble fancy shopping malls and you can easily make any of them into a destination in itself and spend there hours on end) and before we knew it we were in the hotel’s building without even getting outside. We really liked that the hotel was directly connected to the subway, making it so accessible and handy.
Hotel Nikko Osaka is located in the middle of any shopaholic’s dream. First, the Mido-suji Avenue, Osaka’s main boulevard, passes straight in front of the hotel. Lined with tall trees and tons of fancy shops, every hi-end fashion designer is present here and walking along the gorgeously decorated shop windows at night can be as a compelling experience as an expensive one. 
On the other hand, the Shinsaibashi Suji covered shopping arcade, one of the oldest and busiest shopping streets in Osaka, runs about 600 meters in length parallel to Mido-suji Avenue and Hotel Nikko Osaka is situated right in the middle. Having a more vibrant and down to earth atmosphere, with independent boutiques, tempting restaurants and chain stores (including a Hello Kitty store), almost any kind of shopper can have a blast here. 
At the ground level of Hotel Nikko, just before taking the mechanical stairs to get to the lobby area and the reception, there are even more luxury shops, so basically you can either go shopping or go shopping. Believe me, nowhere else it was easier to leave with an extra luggage. 
Our Room
Our room was at the 24th floor, with some pretty amazing views of Osaka’s skyline, both at night and during the day. 
Thought they might not win any awards for design, if they participated in a cleanliness competition, I’m pretty sure Hotel Nikko Osaka would be among the winners. Everybody knows the Japanese are the cleanest and the most cleanliness-conscious people in the world, but I was really surprised at my incapacity to find any flaws in the way our room was cleaned every day. And believe me, I actually tried to find a stain, a bit of dust, something, anything. Nothing! Can I borrow one of their maids please? Permanently?!
There was an ice machine at our floor and Japanese tea bags and tea facilities in our room. The room was normal sized, with plenty of space for two people and pretty comfortable. To be honest, we were happy to be sleeping in a bed after almost two weeks sleeping on futons in more traditional hotels. 
Hotel Nikko Osaka offers two types of breakfast – Japanese and Western. The Japanese one is a set menu consisting of exclusively traditional Japanese dishes, while the Western one is buffet and therefore more popular with the guests. We too chose the second option, both because of the greater variety of dishes available and because it graciously combined pastries, vegetables, fruits and Japanese dishes. The breakfast at Nikko Osaka was one of the best we had during our 3 weeks in Japan. Everything was fresh and tasty and definitely a big plus for the hotel. 

In conclusion, we were very pleased with our hotel found through AsiaRooms. It had unbeatable location, amazing views, a very good breakfast and it was extremely clean. One advantage AsiaRooms has over other accommodation booking websites is that they don’t charge booking fees and there are no cancellation fees in case something comes up and you can’t make it to your destination. 
More Photos
One of the bars at the last floor

One of the hotel’s entrances
Ground level with shops

The hotel has a pretty unique architecture
This hotel stay was provided by You can check their website for more discounted hotels all over Asia or you can join their resourceful travel community. All opinions expressed here are our own.

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  1. Jackie
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    Oh, what a delicious breakfast! I love Japanese food.

  2. Daniel J. Jones
    | Reply

    Another great hotel review!

    • Laura
      | Reply

      Thank you, Daniel. Glad you liked it. We were very happy with this hotel.

  3. Patricia Day
    | Reply

    What a gorgeous view! Oh, and I would totally need the extra luggage. Lol!

    • Laura
      | Reply

      You surely would. I love Japanese fashion and there certainly are plenty of cute little shops and big brands around this hotel.

  4. Oh wow this is the hotel of my dreams!

    • Laura
      | Reply

      I know it is, darling, I know. You would so like it here and Osaka is so glamorous.

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