M/S Monika Hotel, Stockholm. Sweet Dreams On A Sailing Ship

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You know how they say that strong essences are kept in small bottles… Well, the same goes for this small hotel built on a sailing ship. Docked on one of Stockholm’s canals, not too far away from the Central Station, M/S Monika Hotel is one of a kind. 
When my husband first mentioned sleeping on a boat instead of a more traditional hotel, I was a bit circumspect, mainly because I was afraid I would get dizzy from the boat’s movements, and as Stockholm was the last destination on our month long Interrail trip, I figured we would be pretty tired by then and I wanted to avoid any unpleasant surprises. On the other hand, I was always the one for quirky accommodation, and Cipri didn’t need much power of persuasion to convince me this was going to be a fun experience. In the end, I’m glad he did so, as staying at M/S Monika was the coolest thing we did in Stockholm and an absolutely amazing experience. Needless to say, neither of us got dizzy, and we enjoyed every minute we spent on this cute little gem.

We arrived in Stockhom at the Central Station and from there we just crossed the bridge and followed the green promenade all the way to M/S Monika Hotel where we were greeted by one of the girls working there. As the hotel has only 4 rooms, they meet and greet each guest in particular and show them around the boat, which results in an extremely personal and friendly check in.

I was hooked almost instantly by the beautiful scenery that could be enjoyed from the deck. And the chairs were just perfect for laptop time and very romantic to sit in in the evening, wrapped in the warm light of the city.

Our room

We were hosted in the recently inaugurated suite, a pretty amazing 20sqm space, gorgeously decorated and with all the facilities in place. There was more than we needed storage space, the bed was huge, we had a big roof window, air con, a flat screen TV, free Wi-Fi, wooden floor, hair dryer and towel dryer in the bathroom. It felt luxurious being here.

The suite has a huge and comfy bed
I always thought luxury was defined by having more space to breath than you needed, but actually being here made me reevaluate my definition of luxury. In the end luxury might mean smart design, something M/S Monika Hotel certainly doesn’t lack. Apart from the fact that everywhere we went on the small ship everything looked spotless, and the staff was extremely nice and helpful during the whole duration of our stay, the ship had perfect interior design in maritime style. It is amazing they never compromised on the design in spite of the limited space available and they literally thought of everything, making this hotel a very functional one. 

And spotless decoration

One of the 4 bed rooms
M/S Monika Hotel was built by people with no travel industry experience, but passionate travelers, and therefore all they had present in their minds when rehabilitating this over a century old ship was the comfort and needs of their future guests.

We were surprised to find out they were even serving breakfast on the ship. Every morning the table in the common area was beautifully set. There was yogurt, cold cuts, orange juice, cereals, hard boiled eggs, Swedish cracker bread, coffee, tea, etc. Basically everything one needed for a healthy and balanced breakfast. On top of that, it was very tasty too. 
In one of the corners of the common area there was a fridge and coffee machine and guests could have tea, coffee and cold water for free any time of the day or night.
On our last morning we had to catch the train very early in the morning, long before breakfast time, so the previous night somebody from the staff came and left us prepared the breakfast in the fridge, and a cute friendly note along, wishing us safe travels and expecting us to come back soon. We found this little detail absolutely charming. 

M/S Monika is an exceptional hotel from all points of view and we loved it. It was a great experience and it left us with a deep longing for more nights on boats. Definitely something worthy of a bucket list. One item to check off sooner then later.

The main gate locks automatically and can only be opened with a secret code

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  1. Very unique.

    • Laura
      | Reply

      M/S Monika is a very special hotel. I'm so happy we stayed here!

  2. Daniel J. Jones
    | Reply

    What a fun idea for a hotel…I love sleeping on boats. I love the sound of water slapping the side of the boat at night…

    • Laura
      | Reply

      I know what you mean. We especially loved staying on the deck at night, on one of those red chairs, listening to the sounds of Stockholm.

  3. Beautiful pictures, this hotel is a treat!

    • Laura
      | Reply

      Definitely! We felt so good spending quality time here. It was an out of this world experience 🙂

  4. Wow totally one-of-a-kind!

    • Laura
      | Reply

      It surely is, Andi! One of the most unique hotels we've ever stayed in.

  5. A
    | Reply

    My goodness, perfection!! So charming, so adorable!!!

    • Laura
      | Reply

      I know, right? We looooved it so much! So cute and perfectly decorated!

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