Safe Travels: The Rogue Wallet Review

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How safe are your credit cards in your wallet? Have you heard about RFID protection? These days RFID tags are embedded in your credit cards. But when data flies through the air, there is a risk of exposing personal and financial information. For exactly this reason, I looked for a good RFID protection while I travel and not only. And so I came across the Rogue Wallet.
When Michael Lyons visited his chiropractor in the early 2000s complaining of back pain. The doctor made a quick assessment based on Lyons’ bulging leather wallet. He said he should get rid of it as soon as possible. So the elder Lyons set about tinkering with his own design and soon produced the first Rogue wallet, a uniquely shaped billfold designed to be stored in the front pocket.



The slim Rogue Wallet’s special curved shape fits perfectly in the front pocket of your pants, preventing back pain caused by keeping your wallet in your back pocket when seated. I especially like the fact that the Rogue Wallet is made of genuine leather and cotton canvas. I would also recommended to carry it in the front pocket for security reasons when you travel and not only. Although it’s thin, the Rogue Wallet is large enough to accept currency at full length, and during my travels I discovered that also all kinds of foreign bills fit in it perfectly.


When traveling I like to keep my passport and my credit cards safe. So why not keeping them together? The  Rogue Red Line Passport Folder is an excellent leather cover with slots for my credit cards, featuring of course the Rogue RFID protection.





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    Yes, Rogue wallet is a good solution to keep your valuable stuff safely when you are travelling. Usually I carry it in my front pocket. It is so easy to use.

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