The Blue Microphone Mikey Digital – Our Review

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As a travel blogger have you ever considered starting your own podcast? If so, the Mikey Digital might be just the right gadget for you. The idea behind it is simple. The Mikey Digital plugs into the bottom of an iPhone, iPod or iPad and the smartphone or tablet automatically recognises it as an audio input device. You can than proceed to use any of the many recording app out there and you are already on your way to recording your adventure and building up your great new travel podcast show.

The Mikey Digital has two manual gain settings for soft and loud environments, and there’s an auto gain option to allow the Mikey itself to adjust. I mine opinion, the Mikey Digital gives great results, similar to professional microphones. To be honest, the resulting quality of my recordings surprised me. I can also connected to an instrument, like an electronic guitar, but unfortunately I don’t play any instrument. Still, it’s nice to have the option. In the box I was pleased to discover also a carrying pouch that I’ll be happy to use in my next getaway.

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  1. Jess @UsedYorkCity
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    This looks like a great product for a travel blogger! I've played around with the idea of a podcast, but haven't tried yet…this seems like it would make the recording even better (and easier!)

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