5 Must See Tropical Destinations

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Travelers who love to visit places teeming with rows of palm trees swaying in the wind, pristine, aquamarine ice-blue water and warm, white sandy beaches have to experience some of the world’s best tropical destinations. Everyone needs an occasional getaway from the stress and bustle of everyday life. These stunningly beautiful tropical spots offer the perfect escape.
Playa Anse Volbert en las Seychelles

Seychelles Offers An Unspoiled Tropical Paradise

This amazing tropical cluster of islands and islets is a warm weather vacation lovers paradise in the Indian Ocean. Less than 1,000 miles off the eastern coast of Africa, Seychelles is composed of an interesting mix of cultures and scenery. Seychelles is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, keeping it protected and unspoiled. Visitors relish in every moment they spend in beautiful and culturally diverse Seychelles.
Bali Canang / バリ島 チャナン

Beautiful Bali

The gorgeous Indonesian island of Bali offers a fantastic tropical experience with dozens of magnificent beaches and many interesting tourist spots. This uniquely fascinating island includes a Dutch settlement and has many temples and palaces to visit, along with opportunities to spend time on its gorgeous beaches soaking up the sun. So much diversity in its population as well as in the island’s landscape adds to the excitement and gives visitors many chances to explore places like Bali’s many volcanoes.

Sunset Mauritius

Mauritius Is The Perfect Blend Of Relaxation And Luxury

Visitors who love typical tropical weather offerings like stellar beaches, softly swaying palm trees and warm, clear blue water will love all that Mauritius offers. This African island country, just east of world-famous Madagascar, also offers visitors some of the most opulent and magnificent hotels in the world. There are such a combination of engaging activities along with enjoyable sunshine infused beaches and excellent accommodations, once visitors arrive in Mauritius, they wish they never had to leave this glorious island.
Playa Pointe Raititi en Bora Bora

Tahiti Offers A Blissful Tropical Experience

Tahiti is a world-renowned honeymoon destination for good reason. Some of the most romantic and beautiful beaches in the world are found in beautiful Tahiti. Sunshine, tropical fun and ideal beaches come together to make Tahiti a sunshine lovers dream. Centrally located in the gorgeous South Pacific, Tahiti is only five hours from Hawaii, New Zealand and Australia, eleven hours from Japan and eight hours from Los Angeles. Visitors are thrilled by Tahiti’s 118 islands of spectacular scenery. From gorgeous turquoise colored beaches to pretty, rugged and majestic mountain peaks, Tahiti offers a perfect tropical experience.
Tonga/Samoa Feb 2009

Tonga Is An Amazing Blend Of Exotic And Tropical

Tonga offers an amazingly interesting blend of history along with glorious white sand beaches, breathtaking coral reefs and beautiful clear blue water, perfect for fishermen. This is the land of such adventurers as Captain Cook, Captain Bligh and of such historic events as the mutiny on the HMS Bounty. Captain Cook visited often to enjoy the relaxing tropical atmosphere and even gave the islands the nickname of “the friendly islands” because of the warm welcome he experienced from its native people.
Gorgeous tropical destinations are a must see for lovers of all things tropical. Traveling offers such a fun, interesting and relaxing escape from the everyday stresses and pace of modern life. After a fun-filled trip, there is nothing in the world like arriving safely home again.

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  1. Zemi Beach
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    Some great choices but I am surprised to see no Caribbean islands. There are so many beautiful places which are quintessentially 'tropical'

  2. Teresa Roberts
    | Reply

    Beautiful photos. I would add the tiny isle of Saba in the former Dutch Antilles. Only one small part-time beach but superior diving and hiking.

  3. John
    | Reply

    Wow, these are the perfect holiday destinations!

  4. Julio Moreno
    | Reply

    Would you say Bali is at all spoiled by tourism. I want to go but am worried that I might be paying too much for a tourist trap. (flights are 1000 even right now)

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