Ubud. The Best of Bali

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Bali stood out for us for two beautiful reasons – its culture and its flora. It is hard for me to imagine a place with more flowers in bloom at once than this island of love and gods… And from the traditions point of view, it’s pretty intriguing that places like this still exist. Nowhere else have I seen people so busy with praising the gods and temples so packed with offerings.

Ubud is the cultural center of Bali. It is THE place to visit. From arts and crafts, to the amazing architecture that can be found every step of the way, Ubud was for us the quintessence of Bali. Every element that makes the Balinese culture so interesting can be found here, and for this, Ubud remained in our memory as the best place to visit in Bali

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  1. balijetaime
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    We are All love Ubud. This place is so genuine and authentic. No place seem similar to it. No wonder this place rewarded for many things. And people are nice and friendly. 🙂

  2. Monico
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    Love the pictures you posted on Ubud. The colors are just amazing and the represent the beauty and uniqueness of Ubud perfectly. I agree with many of those who have commented, Ubud is also one of my favorite villages in Bali. Eventhough I have been there many times I am never bored and am still surprised of its beauty (despite the larger growing crowd). Besides Ubud center the nearby hamlets are wonderful to visit too such as Nyukuning, Campuhan, Penestanan.

  3. RockyTravel Blog
    | Reply

    I have not been to Bali but these beautiful photos make me want to go! Thanks for sharing this tip about the cultural center, Ubud.

  4. Abdul Gani
    | Reply

    I love bali

  5. Yvonne
    | Reply

    I miss Ubud, it's definitely one of my favourite places in this world!

  6. Beautiful photos.

  7. Thomas Dembie
    | Reply

    Beautiful photos! Ubud is definitely my favorite place in Indonesia. Last summer I returned to spend some time there with friends. The combination of beautiful scenery, great culture and wonderful food made it a trip I'll never forget.

  8. Sherry
    | Reply

    I've always wanted to go here for a spa and rejuvenation getaway and these photos remind me why (I especially would love to see their architecture).

  9. Luxury Travels
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    Ubud is one of my most favorite places to go in the world. I love the art, culture, cycling and I can't get enough of those Monkeys 🙂

  10. Christopher Allen
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    Ubud is one of my favorite places. We stayed in the Mansion Resort, which was incredible.

  11. This is perfect! We just decided a few days ago that we'll head to Bali in August and definitely spend some time in Ubud. So thanks for this!

  12. Cheryl Howard
    | Reply

    Gorgeous photos! I hope to visit someday myself … on my very long bucket list of places to someday visit.

  13. T.W. Anderson
    | Reply

    The shot with the girl and the flower was simply magical.

    Also the red flower towards the end.

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Accelerated Stall
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    Wow! This series would be a smash hit in print – do you ever make cards from your shots? Consider it.

  15. We spent two weeks in Ubud last winter, and found it to be magical. I'm missing seeing all those canang sari (flower offerings) that are so ubiquitous there!

  16. Angela
    | Reply

    We'll be going to Bali in a few months and I can't wait! It looks stunning.

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