Why Visit the Greek Island of Zante?

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If you are contemplating booking a holiday to the Ionian island of Zante, but haven’t quite made up your mid yet, let us convince you. Here you will find the top reasons to visit this stunning corner of Greece, from its buzzing nightlife to its stunning beaches.

Navagio Bay

There is no better advert for Zante than Navagio Bay or Shipwreck Cove as it is also known. You may have seen pictures of this beach enclosed by rocky headland with turquoise sea lapping at its sand, as it is a vision of paradise.
Located on the western side of the island, Navagio Bay is close to the village of Anafotiria, but must be reached by boat. This can be done from Porto Vromi and the journey across the sea takes around half an hour, but this just adds to the romance of travelling to this secluded bay.
The beach gets its unofficial name from a boat that sank in the waters nearby while carrying illegal cigarettes in 1983. The remains of the vessel washed ashore and were never taken away. These days the sand has encroached on its hulk and half submerged it, adding to the charm of the scene.

Loggerhead turtles

Loggerhead turtles are endangered species, making sightings of them all the more special. Any keen conservationists will want to visit the most important breeding ground for these incredible creatures in the Mediterranean and this can be found on Zante.
The Bay of Laganas has been designated a protected area in order to help look after the turtles, who return to the same beach where they were born to give birth to their own offspring. Mating season begins in April and 60 days after this, tiny turtles break out of their shells and make their way down the long stretch of beach to the sea.
This is an incredibly moving sight to see, but it is important that the turtles are not disturbed during any of the reproduction process. Six of the beaches within the Bay of Laganas are important nesting grounds, although the highest concentration can always be found on Sekania.


The other side of Zante is its buzzing nightclubs that have a reputation for attracting partygoers from all over the world. The majority of the largest of these can be found in Laganas, but head to Tsilivi if you want to enjoy a great evening without hitting the dance floor, as there are some fun bars here.
Meanwhile, the party animals will want to check out Zeros Club, which is known for its DJs providing the tunes all night and into the early hours of the morning. The bar staff at this club put a lot of flair into making cocktails and everything is turned into something of a show.
This is completed by fire breathers, dance routines and bar games designed to get everyone into the holiday mood. If you want a wild night out this is the place to be on Zante.

Zakynthos Town

Zakynthos Town is a great place to come to wander the pretty streets, marvel at the Venetian architecture and drink coffee in the quaint squares. For a dose of culture, pop inside one of the Orthodox churches that are dotted around or head to a museum.
Those on offer include the Post-Byzantine Art Museum, the Zakynthos Naval Museum and the Roma Family Mansion. Each of these places offers a different insight into the life and history of the island and its principal town.

About the Author: Alex Page is travel writer, having visited many countries, mostly within Europe, over the years. Recently, he has relocated to Spain where he enjoys the warmer climate, food and relaxed culture.

Image by Live Zakynthos via Flickr Creative Commons

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