A Visit to the Quirky Croissant Museum in Poznan

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We’ve found the best croissants in the world!

You might be incline to think they are in France, but you’d be terribly wrong.
During our recent visit to Poland, we stopped by the Croissant Museum in Poznan, and we instantly became addicted to the flaky, buttery St Martin croissant.

What’s a St Martin Croissant

St Martin Croissant or rogal świętomarcińki is Poznan’s ultimate sweet treat. It’s actually been so for the past 150 years.
It has been recently recognised by the European Union as Protected Geographical Indication and it may only be produced in the Wielkopolska region and only according to a specific recipe.


St Martin Croissant recipe

OK, I’m not actually going to give you the recipe here. It will suffice to know that it has a creamy white poppy seed feeling, mixed with biscuit crumbs, nuts, raisins, almonds and of course, sugar and margarine.
It is horseshoe shaped, glazed and topped with almonds.
Oh, and it tastes absolutely divine!!

When is the best time to eat the St Martin Croissant?

The best time to eat the St Martin Croissant is on the 11th of November – St Martin’s Day. About 400 tonnes of the delicacy are sold and eaten in the Poznan region around this day, so it’s quite a big thing and a good reason for pilgrimage 😉
The interesting thing is, you are actually supposed to buy only one croissant for each member of the family from any given bakery. But you are also supposed to buy croissants from as many bakeries as possible and then get together with your family and decide which one makes the best croissant.

What about the Croissant Museum?

The Croissant Museum is Poznan’s youngest.
It is located in a beautiful Renaissance tenement house opposite the Old Town Hall in the Old Square Market. The building was gorgeously restored and now it features a stunning original painted ceiling with exposed wooden beams and beautiful tile flooring.
The entrance is from a side street, and if you happen to be there for the 12 o’clock tour, you will have a privileged seat at the billy goat butting show taking place daily in the Town Hall tower.
Honestly, the Croissant Museum is quite unique, so make sure you don’t miss it. Apart from listening to legends about the origins of St. Martin’s Croissant and learning to bake one from start to finish, you’ll also have the chance to taste one.
You won’t be bothered with exhibits, so if you are not a museum person, as long as you like sweet stuff, you are guaranteed to love it.
The whole visit is tons of fun. The idea is to inform, but above all to entertain the visitor. And everyone is invited to help the Croissant Master make a croissant, using traditional confectionery utensils, including a sword.

We won a croissant!

The best part of the tour comes only after learning the secrets of St Martin Croissant making. It’s EATING time! So better not come with a full belly, because the croissant is quite filling.
Eventually, one croissant is picked and everybody starts guessing how heavy it is, while the Croissant Master uses an old fashioned scale to determine its weight.
The lucky winner gets to keep the croissant.
Well, be won fair and square. My husband did, actually, but he agreed to share it with me for the sake of a happy marriage 😉

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  1. Annita
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    I had no idea there was a Croissant Museum in Poznan. What a great find!

  2. JP
    | Reply

    looks amazing! great blog.

  3. whywasteannualleave.com
    | Reply

    This looks absolutely amazing!! The more I'm reading about Poland, the more I'm learning about its foodie highlights – this would be on my must-see list if I made it to Poznan!

  4. Alliha Jonson
    | Reply

    The Croissant Museum in Poznan is just amazing. I had a chance to visit it during my Poland tour. I love to eat pastries and sweet. I went there with my friends and we saw a goat show. Its duration was 55 minutes and the entertainment was unlimited. The best time to attend this show is 11:10 A.m. Two men were hosting this show and they were very friendly and cooperative. This show was in both languages English and Polish. We all got involved in making croissants. Indeed it was a worthwhile tour at a cheap price.

  5. Mary @ Green Global Travel
    | Reply

    Wow, looks like a delicious and fun cultural experience! Lucky that you won in the end!

  6. Elena@Elena's Travelgram
    | Reply

    I'd love to learn making croissants, though I doubt if they gonna be as good as those I buy at the nearest boulangery! Planning to visit Poland in Nov and in case I'm in Poznan – that's definitely the 1st place I go 🙂

  7. Muza-chan
    | Reply

    Delicious 🙂

  8. Kae Lani | A Travel Broad
    | Reply

    YUM! YUM! Wow! Recently, Polish food has been surprising me — I didn't realize how hearty and savory their foods can be. Great overview of the museum!

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