6 Romantic Things to do in Amsterdam

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While it might not be Venice, the truth is that there are still very few cities in the world that are as romantic as Amsterdam. I believe it’s the sparkling beauty of the canals that makes it a lover’s den and the crazy nightlife that gives you no choice but to feel young until the morning light.
This city has a certain glow about it that makes it so easy to kickstart or rekindle a romance, don’t you think? It’s almost like a balm that heals and soothes relationships. How can you not love to love it?
My husband and I visited several times and always found fun things to do in Amsterdam. So here are the top 6 romantic activities that crown my to do list when in Amsterdam. Feel free to add your personal discoveries in the comments below. I’d love some fresh ideas for my next trip to the Venice of the North.

Stay at a romantic hotel


Start planning your trip by booking your accommodation at one of Amsterdam’s posh hotels. You really deserve to splurge a bit, don’t you think? Plus, luxury doesn’t always have to come with a hefty price. You will always find great hotel deals in Amsterdam that will take care of both you and your credit card. Amsterdam has a fabulous collection of charming properties, so it’s really easy to find a nice place to stay. Plus, if you ask me, any city break is better when you sleep in a comfy bed and wake up to delightful surroundings.

Cruise the canals at sunset

It might sound cheesy, but it’s really romantic. As you cruise the 17th-century canal ring of Amsterdam, a UNESCO World Heritage site, you pass by floodlit merchants’ houses and churches and under bridges adorned with twinkling lights. Watching the shimmering reflections in your lover’s eyes while you enjoy some Dutch cheese is priceless. Of course, you don’t have to join a crowded cruise. You can take the romance one step further and hire a private water taxi just for the two of you.

Drinks at Twenty Third Bar

Amsterdam is not a city of tall buildings. So the few that stand above the rest offer some amazingly spectacular views. Such is Twenty Third Bar on top of Hotel Okura, part of the Leading Hotels of the World. The sleek bar boasts some unrivalled panoramic vistas and a great selection of champagne and stylish cocktails. If you are hungry, you can order some snacks from Ciel Bleu’s kitchen, one of the few 2-star Michelin restaurants in Amsterdam. Of course, you can always take the party next door. But if Ciel Blue is out of your budget, the Teppanyaki Restaurant Sazanka downstairs is absolutely fabulous.

Picnic in Vondelpark

Enjoying a picnic in Vondelpark is one of the most budget-friendly, yet incredibly romantic things you can do in Amsterdam. Begin with a stroll through the English-style gardens, along the ponds, bridges, and winding alleys, until you find the perfect spot. Then enjoy some Dutch cheese, a glass of champagne, and don’t forget a couple of scrumptious stroopwafels for dessert. Vondelpark is the most famous green lung in the country, receiving over 10 million visitors every year; yet it never feels crowded.

Join a food tour

You know the old saying that love comes from the heart, but passes through the stomach? The last thing you need when trying to enjoy a romantic weekend is a cranky partner who feels hungry all the time. Trust me on this. But Amsterdam is a foodie’s heaven, with all kinds of delicacies ready to be enjoyed. If you want to treat your sweetheart only with the best of the best, I recommend you join a food tour. Frankly, we were quite impressed with the one Hungry Birds organised for us.

Go to a concert at the Royal Concertgebouw

Yet another brilliant way to end a romantic day is with a concert at one of the finest concert halls in the world. The Royal Concertgebouw has exceptional acoustics and is home to the Royal Orchestra. Being the second most visited concert hall in the world, you can expect world-renowned performers and flawless performances. So put on your suit and a glamorous dress, and relax at the sound of music.

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  1. Amsterdam
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    Love Amsterdam, it just has the coolest alternative vibe!.. We are planning to go for wedding anniversary.

  2. Jaspreet Singh
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    Wine lovers will not want to miss Vyne, one of Amsterdam's only bars dedicated entirely to wine.

    • Laura
      | Reply

      Great tip, thanks!

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