5 Awesome Places To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth In Valencia, Spain

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It’s no secret I have a sweet tooth. I simply love everything from cakes to pastries and ice cream. So wherever I travel, I always try to stop by the most famous bakery in town. But in Valencia, I want to recommend you 5 places that you should really try. No worries, they are all centrally located and within easy reach.

Dulce de Leche Boutique 

This is my favorite pastry shop in Valencia, hands down. Walking inside any of their shops (they have two) is like stepping into a sweet, sweet wonderland. Many of their cakes are made with dulce de leche, of course, one delicacy I’m not entirely sure how I was able to live without until recently. But my absolute favorite is their dulce de leche coffee – simply the best combination!

Chocolates Valor

If you love decadently thick Spanish hot chocolate, this place is for you. Over the past 130 years, Chocolates Valor has become an institution. Their menu is quite extensive, ranging from the must try hot chocolate with churros and chocolate shots to chocolate slush and some really creative chocolate desserts.

Marzipan fruits

Okay, so to be completely honest, you’ll have to visit Valencia at the beginning of October if you want to eat any of these adorable marzipan delicacies. They are only produced in the days before the Saint Dionis celebrations, the local patron saint of lovers. I love marzipan in any shape or size, but these fruit and veggie shaped specialties, are among my favorites. Hot tip: they taste even better when they have an egg yolk filling. 

La Mas Bonita

This is another place that made waves when they opened in Valencia a few years ago. Back then, their only restaurant was by the beach. But in the meantime, they also opened a more central restaurant, in the Russafa neighborhood. They have an abundant gastronomic offer, from breakfast and brunch to a lunch and dinner menu. But I recommend you visit them for their red velvet cake made with cheesecake cream. Finger licking good!

Pasteleria Dulces Martin

This pastry shop has been around for many years and they pride themselves on not using any frozen products, while also staying true to the traditional baking methods. But forth and foremost what you should try here is their terrer, a typical Valencian cupcake, made after a recently rescued old recipe. Terrer is a moist cake with a hint of orange and a delish layer of burned turron on top. Can you say no to that? I know I can’t!

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  1. sheylola
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    And I almost forgot! Cafe de las Horas for amazing homemade cakes by the owner's Indian-Guyanese mother — and wonderful teas ( and atmosphere).

  2. sheylola
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    and don't forget Fabian for the most amazing thick hot chocolate and buñuelos to dunk!!

  3. Mia
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    Everything looks so delicious. Mouth watering desert you shared. Thank you so much for sharing it.

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