10 Tips That Will Help You Pack for Your Next Cruise

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Packing. We all do it differently. Some of us take our time and make sure everything is taken care of, and some of us leave it all to the last minute. It can be pretty annoying when you forget something important – it can also be frustrating if you pack too much and find yourself lugging around a massive bag everywhere.
One of the great things about going on a cruise is that you get to visit multiple destinations and you only have to unpack everything once! This takes a lot of the stress out of travelling to a few different places. Here are a few tips that will help you pack for your next cruise:
1. Divide your suitcase into sections for each type of clothing. With dresses in one corner and trousers in another, this will mean that you know where to find everything without throwing it all out of the suitcase each time.
2. Roll up your clothes to save space. Doing this will mean you can fit twice as many clothes into your bag. This takes a little time and preparation so don’t leave it all to the last minute.
3. Does your cruise have a formal dress code for dinner or special events? Gentlemen packing a blazer should fold it inside out – this way you will avoid wrinkles and creases. Ladies packing fancy dresses should use old dry cleaning bags to protect their formal wear.
4. Pack shoes at the bottom of your suitcase. These tend to be the heaviest items in your luggage so you don’t want them crushing and crinkling everything else.
5. Bring a few plastic bags with you! You never know when you might want to separate parts of your luggage. You don’t want wet swimming shorts or muddy shoes to spoil the rest of your luggage. Plastic bags can also be used for any liquids you may bring, meaning they don’t spill out in transit.
6. If you are travelling on a long cruise, bring some extra clothes hangers. Cruise lines tend to provide you with some hangers, but it can be frustrating not to have enough. Wire ones are easy to pack and more or less disposable, making them the best choice.
7. Pack a power strip. This is a classic cruise tip. Cruise cabins will have one or two outlets but if you plan on charging more than just your phone (think hairdryers, straighteners, games consoles) then this is a very useful item. Compact power strips are easy to get hold of. Unfortunately some cruise lines won’t allow these, so it’s always best to check.
8. Pack a jacket, even for a warm weather cruise. This is obviously essential if you are travelling to Alaska or Norway on a cruise. But even if you are going somewhere warm, it can get breezy and cold out on the open ocean. Be warned!
9. Thread necklaces through a straw. This may sound a bit weird, but it will ensure your jewelry doesn’t tangle and you look great at dinner. Use a pillbox to pack any smaller items like rings and earrings.
10. Always bring your favorite toiletries with you on a cruise. While ships will have basic toiletries on board, it’s best to pack any special potions you may require!
For more information on ocean cruises, take a look at the websites of experienced providers. Otherwise, pack clever and enjoy your holiday!
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