7 Places you Shouldn’t Vape

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When arguing about the merits of vaping over smoking, it’s commonly argued that vaping is better because you can do it anywhere. And while we (obviously) love vaping, we’re going to have to burst this particular bubble. It just isn’t true. Some places have regulations to limit vaping, and there are some places you shouldn’t vape out of simple common courtesy. Sometimes it’s perfectly legal to vape in a certain place but pulling out your device would just make you look like a jerk. Not only does abiding by etiquette and consideration improve the image of vapers, it also means that you’re not forcing your personal choices on those that have chosen not to vape.
It’s also important to note that more regulation is coming in around vaping in public places as the practice becomes more widespread across the US and around the world. Businesses are also free to choose their own policies on vaping on their premises so there can be huge differences in vaping rules depending on where you are.
Here are our top 7 places you should avoid vaping:
1. Schools – This one should be obvious. Don’t vape in schools when you’re picking up or dropping off the kids. While there’s no evidence to suggest that second hand vapour can have an effect, vaping around children that you don’t know is at best likely to be frowned upon. Whether a child is exposed to vaping is the decision of parents and all vapers should respect that. Most schools will have restrictions in place and you’ll need to step outside of the gates before you vape.

2. Hospitals and medical buildings
– This one is similar to schools. If you’re visiting a hospital or another medical building, such as a doctor’s surgery, it’s best to not vape even if there are no policies in place. These buildings will have designated areas for smoking and it’s a good option to head to these zones if you want to vape.
3. Restaurants – People go to restaurants to enjoy a meal and, as a result, you shouldn’t vape in such establishments. You might think that your vapor smells great but those trying to enjoy a steak might disagree. If you’re blowing clouds, it’s likely to annoy people in restaurants too. Many restaurants will ask you not to vape now so if you do feel the need to vape while eating out it’s likely that you’ll be required to step outside anyway.
4. Office or workplace – The majority of employers will look unfavorably on you blowing clouds in the office or your place of work, so it’s one of the most important places you shouldn’t vape. While many workplaces won’t have a specific policy on vaping you should consider your professional image and how vaping aligns with that. Many places now place vaping alongside smoking and if you’re unsure it’s best to ask about the policy.
5. Public transport – Traveling by public transport can be an ordeal at the best of times, so it’s best to keep your e-cig in your bag or pocket. The enclosed spaces of public transport mean that you can make other passengers who don’t vape feel uncomfortable if you’re blowing clouds while travelling on the subway or bus.
6. Crowded places – Vaping in crowded places indoors should definitely be avoided unless it’s a vaping establishment or event. It’s important to respect people’s choice to not vape. Even if your outdoors in a crowd how you vape should be considered, such as taking care not to blow the vapour into the face of others, instead blow it towards the ground or above the heads of the group.
7. Other people’s homes – This will one depend on the person and how well you know them but if the people aren’t vapers themselves it’s best to give vaping a miss or step outside when you want a hit. Of course, in some cases it’s perfectly fine to vape in someone else’s home but it’s best to err on the side of caution if you’re unsure.
Overall vapers shouldn’t underestimate the importance of asking before they reach for their device. Most establishments won’t have vaping specific signs even if they’re against it and it’s critical to realise that vaping may make some people feel uncomfortable. Avoiding vaping in these places can help you avoid awkward situations, and help improve the image of the vaping community.

Photo by Mike Mozart via Flickr Creative Commons

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