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As a traveler, I like to indulge and eat a lot of the local food. In the same time, I try to stay fit and not gain weight. I might not have access to a gym while on the road, so I have to find other solutions, like running in a park or on a beach. And this brings me to the Jabra’s Elite Sport. This is the year of the truly wireless headphones. Jabra’s Sport line has caught my attention, especially the Jabra’s Elite Sport Buds. What makes the Elite Sport impressive is that they combine the tracking function with a pure wireless experience that is just about perfect. I am not kidding.

Design and Features
Let’s talk about the fit first. With six different types of ear covers, you are bound to find the fit for yourself. The rubber earbuds, which come in varying sizes to fit your ears, are a great help. So is the rubber lining wrapping around the edges of the otherwise plastic case, preventing any contact with your skin from being a jarring experience.

I used the medium foam tips. The Sport Elite, can stay in your ears for ages. Well, for the 3 hours that you have a charge. That’s long enough for a 21km run for many people! Impressive. However, it also comes with a charging case that holds another 2 additional full charges, and it charges them up fast. So while they are designed for working out, you can totally use them as regular earbuds if you want to. I love the case. Not only that it will keep my buds secure during my travels, but it also has a quality feel to it.

These are not regular earbuds. Yes, calls are crystal clear for both you and the caller and music sounds great. The no-wires aspect works perfectly. Until people get used to truly wireless buds, they might think that you are mad, talking to yourself. Still, the focus here is fitness. I have to say that the Jabra Sport Elite stay in your ears during workouts, nice and secure. I did fast walking, running, and some jumping and they did not fall out.

The heart-rate sensor picks up your heart rate through your ear and there’s an initial delay of about 5-10 seconds before it picks up what seems to me an accurate measurement.

There’s a hear-through feature that allows more ambient noise to enter your ears, a good safety feature for runners who want to hear traffic noise. It also comes handy when I simply want to talk to someone in the street without removing the headphones.

The device itself is waterproof up to the IP67 standard, which is good enough for the occasional rainy day out. This also makes them sweat proof. So, no worries there.

The Elite Sport buds do NOT use a small USB charging port, so there is no need for rubber stoppers to keep water and sweat out. I find this an important improvement. Instead, the Elite Sport is charged through a separate case that is connected to a power source via a USB port. Just remember to bring the case along on your travels, because it also acts as a standalone battery that can juice up the earphones, say, on a plane or a train.

The App
That fitness aspect requires Jabra’s Sport app. When you first pair up, as with the other Jabra Sport headsets, you will want to do so via the app, not your phone settings. The app has been improved on since I last tried it, with your heart rate right on the dashboard at all times. Oh, and setting up takes no more than ten minutes, as you need to set some baselines. Just another reminder that this is not a casual device, but a commitment.

You can also use the headphones with your favorite iOS and Android running and fitness apps, including Endomondo, RunKeeper, MapMy Fitness, Runtastic, and Strava, but I prefer Jabra’s own training-management app called Jabra Sport Life. It gives you in-ear coaching and great feedback.

For me, the main selling points are still the great fit and solid build, something I come to expect from Jabra, after using the Jabra Sport Pulse. They were among the first to come up with Bluetooth earphones for workouts more than five years ago in the Elite Sport. They have delivered another excellent companion for a run, a bike ride or a day at the gym, but also great headphones for my travels.
Jabra’s Elite Sport Buds are for someone who wants to be able to not just listen to music on great waterproof, wireless headphones, but also use them to track their fitness. If that is you, then these are perfect.

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  1. George M
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    Great travel and gym companion!

  2. Mara
    | Reply

    Cool buds!

  3. Jane
    | Reply

    Love the presentation. The Jaba Elite Sport buds look amazing.

  4. Ann
    | Reply

    Great review. Thanks.

  5. Tim
    | Reply

    Nice ones.

  6. Tony
    | Reply

    Love your photos.

  7. Sophia
    | Reply

    They seem perfect for me. Thanks for the review.

  8. Emma L
    | Reply

    It is time for some new headphones. It is time for me to get some wireless buds.

  9. Tom
    | Reply

    I've heard only good things about Jabra.

  10. Dorothy
    | Reply

    This year I'll get my own wireless earbuds. I guess I should get the Elite Sport.

  11. Mary
    | Reply

    Great review! I will have to try these to see how they feel in my ears.

    • Laura
      | Reply

      You have to try them. They are comfortable and don't fall out of your ears.

  12. Luisa
    | Reply

    These buds look far better than Apple's AirPods. They also have so many more features.

    • Laura
      | Reply

      Yes, Luisa, I think so too. Thanks for dropping by.

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