GoPro HERO5 – The Best Travel Campanion

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Don’t you just love to have a great camera with you on your travels so you can capture stunning photos and videos? In the past, this used to mean you had to carry around one or two heavy bulky cameras with big lenses. And in your bag, you would also have a laptop where to store the pics and videos and from where to share them online with friends, family and the rest of the world. Well, not anymore. These days all you really need is a smartphone and a great tiny action camera like the GoPro HERO5 Black.

The GoPro HERO5 Black impressed me with amazing results for video recording, as well as stills. It is the advanced version of Hero4 Black with added stabilization feature and improved resolution so that users can enjoy immersive recording on the go.
GoPro is undeniably one of the very best brands out there. GoPro cameras are synonymous with quality and dependability; they are rugged, and they are exceptionally well-suited for recording virtually all types of outdoor activities and recording in any and all weather conditions.
The GoPro HERO5 Black allows you to shoot astonishingly professional looking videos, even if you have absolutely no photography experience at all. In that respect, GoPro has successfully put professional video creation within reach of anyone and everyone.
The GoPro HERO5 Black comes with touch screen display and is designed with classic waterproof material so you can easily use it even for snorkeling or other underwater applications. Useful voice controls, improved audio capabilities, image stabilization and its GPS enabled controls make the GoPro HERO5 Black one of the best selection for any traveler. It is perfect for capturing memories during trekking, snorkeling, cycling or while getting lost on purpose through a new city.


The HERO5 Black has a rectangular shape, is coated with a grippy material and the corners are rounded up to enhance the beauty of the product.
The HERO5 Black has a completely new design, along with a much-appreciated 2” touch screen which really makes life a lot easier. The touch screen makes it much easier to operate even for beginners, whereas on the other side its three-microphone system picks the surrounding sounds nicely.

It is also waterproof up to a depth of 33ft/10m without the need of any additional housing and works beautifully underwater.

If you are upgrading from an older model you might be happy to hear about its longer battery life. 
The GoPro HERO5 Black has clear Gorilla Glass covers over their lenses and you can take off the glass if you think it might be degrading your image.

Voice Control

In case you find yourself in a situation when you can’t use your hands to control the camera, a new feature of the Hero5 Black is the voice control. And they do work!

Here are some commands that you could use:

GoPro turn off, GoPro Burst Mode, GoPro Photo Mode, GoPro Video Mode, GoPro Stop Time Lapse, GoPro Start Time Lapse, GoPro Shoot Burst, GoPro Stop Recording, GoPro Start Recording, GoPro Highlight, GoPro Take a Photo.
Photo and Video Quality

The GoPro HERO5 Black comes with an excellent video stabilization feature for 4k recording.

The new linear mode allows for better results with lesser barrel distortion.

You can use it with GPS tagged locations for all RAW and WDR photos.

If you travel in nature you might love to capture immersive natural beauty with its wide angle focus that leads to much better video quality.

The Apps

I mentioned earlier that all you need on your trip is a GoPro and a smartphone. Here is where the phone comes in handy. With Capture you can use your phone to preview and playback
shots, control your GoPro and share on the fly.
Quick helps analyze all video clips in a much more efficient manner so that the best collections can be extracted. It also helps users add creative effects and transitions to video clips. And you can sync the audio files easily to generate impressive beats for recorded videos.
After you return from your trip, you can also use the desktop version of Quick which contains all the above features but also has extended control functions, like enabling users to overlay the GPS data for extreme analysis of speed, G-force and other data fields.

The GoPro HERO5 Black is the perfect choice if you’re going whitewater rafting and you would like to capture the nail-biting ride on video, or if you are going on a skiing holiday and you want to record those exhilarating moments where you’re rocketing down the slopes. But also if you are just strolling through a city and want to capture the beauty of the architecture around you using the wide lens feature of the camera. The GoPro HERO5 Black allows you to do all this in style with built-in state-of-the-art wind noise reduction and image stabilization technology.

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  1. John Parker
    | Reply

    I read your review, I am ready to update my DSLR to Hero Pro 5. But can you suggest me were to buy this product and what is the cost?

    • Laura
      | Reply

      Thank you for dropping by. You can find a link in the article from where to buy the Hero5.

  2. Freya Hanz
    | Reply

    I've been thinking of buying a GoPro Hero5 for weeks now. I think your post is my go signal. Thank you. 🙂

  3. Abi
    | Reply

    I think that the GoPro is the travel gadget. I have to update to the HERO5, too.

  4. Shankar Banjara
    | Reply

    I also use GoPro HERO5 while going to Everest base camp i have many clips of Himalayas mountain i like this device thanks for sharing information and pictures.

  5. Lisa
    | Reply

    I love that you don't need an extra plastic case for it. It looks so much better.

  6. Nora S
    | Reply

    Never had a GoPro before. I have to give it a try.

  7. Leah
    | Reply

    I think this tiny Hero5 could replace my heavy DSLR with its big wide lens.

  8. Evelyn
    | Reply

    A cute bunny and a great camera. Thanks for the review.

  9. Abigail
    | Reply

    Love your pics. A great gift idea for Easter.

  10. Harper
    | Reply

    I am going to upgrade from Hero3. Great review. Thanks.

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