Restaurant Eleven, Lisbon. Where Creativity Meets Minimalism

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Perched on top of a hill inside Amália Rodrigues gardens, Restaurant Eleven is a like a beacon for high-end cuisine lovers. It was recently awarded one Michelin start and we could easily see why.

The restaurant is the brainchild of chef Joachim Koerper. Originally from Germany, he worked in such prestigious restaurants as Guy Savoy and L´Ambroisie in Paris. When he finally opened his first restaurant in a small Spanish village, he was awarded first one, then two Michelin stars. And now Eleven is walking in Girasol’s footsteps.

Once seated at one of the neatly set tables by the window, we were immediately served a selection of delicious bread bites and butter. We found the tomato and rosemary as well the olive-flavored ones irresistible, so we went for a couple of these.

Cava shortly followed, served by a very attentive and polite waiter.

Eleven has some breathtaking views of Lisbon. It’s enormous, floor to ceiling windows create a bright and airy atmosphere; the green surrounding lawn contrasts nicely with the blue of the sea in the distance; the atmosphere is serene and dreamy.

We were served some pretty amuse bouche, on elongated and beautifully decorated plates and we instantly knew we were in for a visual treat.

Indeed, all dishes had an incredibly creative presentation. Chef Joachim Koerper uses only the best in-season ingredients and his attention to detail could be appreciated with each plate.

From the purposely erected building to the interior design and down to the table setting, the whole place is built around the principles of minimalism and a refreshing philosophy of keeping it simple.

For starter, we both opted for the Mackerel, couscous, peppers and spices dish. Each ingredient was carefully arranged, creating a symphony of colors and flavors.

Chef Joachim Koerper’s love for the Mediterranean cuisine was obvious. But also his love for elegant and innovative dishes.

For the main dish, we ordered the Fish assortment from our coast, mushrooms, and chives as well as the Veal, foie, potato, apple and Madeira wine. They were both delectable and looked amazing, like little pieces of art.

This was our favorite part of the meal. Everything was perfectly cooked and the flavors were nicely balanced, with some welcomed surprises along the way.

We finished with a Selection of cheeses and a gorgeous plate of Avocado, chocolate, lime, and lemon. I loved the little flower decorating the plate and the avocado sorbet was out of this world.

Then, just when we thought our lunch was over, a waiter approached with a dessert trolley. The bite-size cakes looked so yummy it was almost impossible to choose.

Situated in the heart of the business district, Eleven is a great place to have lunch. The beautiful setting is equal to none. And the creative gourmet experience surely is an unforgettable one.

If you are in Lisbon, I recommend you give this restaurant a try. All ingredients are locally grown and carefully selected and the views are stunning, to say the least.

When we visited in September, the restaurant was not too busy, and guests kept mostly to themselves. We could easily appreciate the soothing music and have a quiet meal. It was quite romantic in fact, which makes me think dinner here must be quite perfect for a fancy date, if you happen to visit Lisbon with your partner.

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    I love the simple, clean aesthetic….shown through on the food, the location, the interior….everything!

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