Four Seasons Hotel. The Most Sophisticated Address In Lisbon

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Located right in the heart of Lisbon, the Four Seasons Hotel Ritz is an oasis of peaceful luxury. As we arrive, a smiling valet opens the door for us and we step into an inviting and spacious lobby filled with orchids. I can feel the stress melting away and I instantly know we’ve made the right choice.

After a smooth check-in, we are shown to our room through long corridors. This place is classy and glamorous beyond my wildest dreams.

Our room is incredibly spacious with a large balcony overlooking the Eduardo VII Park.

The bathroom is nice with plenty of L’Occitane toiletries, which happen to be my favorite. I’m in love and I feel right at home.

Since we are at the very end of the imposing building, we have a corner room with a twist. The built-in closet is enough to fit the wardrobe of a queen and can be accessed through a long hallway with huge windows facing the street. This is truly fascinating and I adore the labyrinthine nature of our room.

The bed is comfortable and so big that I could easily get lost in it.

The orchid on the desk catches my attention which reminds me that the lobby begs for some exploring. I love flowers and the arrangements at Four Seasons Hotel in Lisbon are breathtaking.

This is THE place to be, my favorite spot. Huge chandeliers hang heavily from the ceiling and the soft couch has amazing views of the generous veranda.

Late September afternoons can get a bit chilly in Lisbon and I prefer the indoors. Plus the atmosphere is so nice and relaxed that I just want to stay in this moment forever.

After a while, we decide to explore every nook and cranny. The bar, restaurants and shopping arcade are all elegant and inviting. We make a mental note to return to O Japonês, the in-house Japanese restaurant later on that evening.

I can’t stop smiling, looking at all the absolutely gorgeous orchids. I can’t believe my eyes and need to pinch myself evey once in a while. All the incredible amount of work that goes into each arrangement!

Later on, I am told they have somebody come in to take care of the flowers every Monday plus the arrangements are changed periodically. I have to admit, I’m impressed, especially when I know how much care and attention my 3 potted plants require at home.

In the evening, we go to explore the roof. The views from here are some of the best in town. Far into the distance, we can see the sun setting into the sea as the sky changes into 50 shades of pink over the Lisbon’s historical buildings.

The rooftop running track is just perfect and the gym comes fitted with a whole variety of weights and cardio equipment. As we peek inside with curiosity, we are greeted by one of the personal trainers. This place is simply amazing! We are rather in the mood for dinner now, but this sure looks like a place worth coming back to.

Back in the lobby, we make our way to O Japonês. We are greeted by one of the waiters and shown to our table. When we get the nicest seats in the house, we are made to feel like VIPs. Albeit small, with only a few tables, the restaurant has an exclusive atmosphere.

Fragrant sake is poured in cute little cups right in front of our eyes, while beautifully prepared dishes make their way to our table. I order some signature dishes, like ‘golden fish ceviche with coconut milk, guacamole, and yuzu’, ‘tuna nigiri with black truffle and gold leaf’ and ‘ISE EBI Gunkan, which is rice wrapped with cucumber and lobster with wasabi mayonnaise’.

I’m beyond thrilled and can’t have enough of these incredible and creative dishes. O Japonês quickly becomes one of my top 3 sushi experiences ever.

We finish with mochi ice cream and Ritz cheesecake and are as happy as a clam. If you like Japanese food, you really have to dine here one night while in Lisbon. O Japonês is an unforgettable experience.

The next morning we explore the spa. The ladies here are a perfect example of Portuguese hospitality, going out of the way to show us around and explain us everything.

The swimming pool and lounge area are amazing. The soothing music creates a comfortable atmosphere and we find our zen just by looking around.

Breakfast is opulent as well and is served both indoors and on the veranda. We claim our spot in the sun and make a point out of sampling as many dishes as humanly possible.

Everything is exquisitely prepared, from the Nuremberg sausages and the miso soup to the scrummy creme brulee which I cannot help but go for a second serving.

There is no doubt that the Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon is the perfect place to splurge.

It’s one of the most sophisticated addresses in the city and the service is outstanding. During our stay, the staff went out of their way to make us feel welcome and no request was too small.

It’s not only the great location, beautiful views and the classy and quiet atmosphere. This is a great place from where to explore the Portuguese capital, Sintra and beyond. A plethora of high-end brands are just a stone’s throw away and Lisbon’s main attractions are within easy reach.

But take it from someone who’s been there before, you’ll have a hard time leaving the premises. You can find everything your heart desires right inside the Four Seasons. Cherish every minute of this beautiful experience. You deserve it!

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