Four Seasons Hotel. The Most Sophisticated Address In Lisbon

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Located right in the heart of Lisbon, the Four Seasons Hotel Ritz is an oasis of peaceful luxury. As we arrive, a smiling valet opens the door for us and we step into an inviting and spacious lobby filled with orchids. I … Read More

Phone Features Every Traveler Needs in 2017

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Once upon a time, capturing travel experiences involved carrying around a film camera and taking roll after roll of pictures that had to be developed. Simply getting physical copies of vacation pictures took time, and to look at them, you … Read More

Kobo Aura ONE My New Travel Companion

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I like to pack light when I travel and bring with me only the minimum required. But there is one thing that I cannot give up when I travel – my e-reader. I know I could read on an app … Read More

GoPro HERO5 – The Best Travel Campanion

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Don’t you just love to have a great camera with you on your travels so you can capture stunning photos and videos? In the past, this used to mean you had to carry around one or two heavy bulky cameras with … Read More

Exploring the Best Cities in Europe

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When it comes to traveling, the continent of Europe offers a great range of delights. Whether you are looking for traditional areas harking back to bygone eras, modern cities, or an area that provides the best of both worlds, there … Read More

Advice for Booking a Package Holiday

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Following an extraordinary couple of years with high-profile incidents in destinations across the globe, including terrorist attacks in Tunisia and Turkey and flight restrictions to Egypt, Brits are changing the way they holiday and are opting for more familiar destinations … Read More

Jabra’s Elite Sport Buds – True Wireless – True Freedom

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As a traveler, I like to indulge and eat a lot of the local food. In the same time, I try to stay fit and not gain weight. I might not have access to a gym while on the road, … Read More

7 Places you Shouldn’t Vape

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When arguing about the merits of vaping over smoking, it’s commonly argued that vaping is better because you can do it anywhere. And while we (obviously) love vaping, we’re going to have to burst this particular bubble. It just isn’t … Read More

How to Have the Time of Your Life in Las Vegas

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Gambling gets all of the attention when people think about things to do in Las Vegas. But people often forget that the city is filled with entertainment, shopping and eating on par with just about any city in the world. So … Read More

10 Things You Must Do on Safari

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How many different things can you do on an African safari? How do you decide between the must-see and the rarely-seen? Do you head for the savannas, the rain forests or the jungles? Planning an adventure around endless possibilities always … Read More

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