Petite France & The Half-Timbered Houses of Strasbourg

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Strolling along the old cobblestone streets of Petite France neighborhood in Strasbourg is like walking into a fairy-tale. The half-timbered houses are on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list together with all the other fascinating attractions on Grande Ile of … Read More

Grand Place, Brussels. A Photo Essay

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Walking around the Grand Place is one of the best things you can do in Brussels. This is one of the most beautiful squares in Europe, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, featuring architectural styles from three different time periods. This summer … Read More

Floralientime Blooms in Brussels for the Very First Time

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Floralientime is the name of a new flower event in Brussels, meant to alternate with the famed “Flower Carpet”. Since the Flower Carpet is organized every two years, in years with even number, Floralientime will be organized in the years … Read More

Best Cave Art in Europe? Visiting Font de Gaume in the Dordogne

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The mystery that wraps the dawn of humanity has fascinated me ever since the 5th grade. And ironically, prehistory is my favorite part of history. With little data available and lots of space left for speculation, this early part of the human … Read More

Grand Roc Cave: Nature’s Way of Creating Art

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From Bordeaux, our month long Interrail trip continued to Les Eyzies, the so called Prehistoric Capital of the World, in the Dordogne Region. We arrived in the afternoon and we started with a visit of the Grottes du Grand Roc, famous for … Read More

Interrail Itinerary: 7 Countries, 21 Cities

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So many places to chose from! Europe boasts an incredible wealth of cultural riches, stunning scenery and flavors joined in marvelous combinations. Planning an Interrail trip can be at times an intimidating process.We have just returned from such a trip. … Read More

7 Interrail Tips To Fall in Love with Train Travel in Europe

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Many people associate┬áInterrail with backpackers, twenty-somethings, low budgets, and obscure hostels. But it doesn’t have to be this way.Europe’s modern rail network makes train travel easy, comfortable, efficient and environmentally-friendly. And you can easily combine nice hotels with fancy restaurants … Read More

Vasa Museum, Stockholm. The Best Museum We’ve Visited Lately

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It was the last day of sightseeing of our month long Interrail trip through Europe. The next day in the morning we were leaving Stockholm to embark on a 16 hours train ride to Frankfurt that would end 4 minutes … Read More

Drottningholm Palace, Stockholm. UNESCO World Heritage Site

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Palaces and castles always fascinated me and tickled my imagination. Therefore it will come as no surprise that on our last day in Stockholm I dragged my husband to see Drottningholm Palace. The reputation preceded this place for being listed as … Read More

Wandering Around Skansen – The Ultimate Folk Museum From Stockholm

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Having enjoyed only days before the charming Den Gamle By in Aarhus and the quiet Old Bergen Museum, we were curious to see the Swedish version of them. So after exploring Stockholm’s canals, we took one of the cute historical trams and … Read More