Advice for Booking a Package Holiday

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Following an extraordinary couple of years with high-profile incidents in destinations across the globe, including terrorist attacks in Tunisia and Turkey and flight restrictions to Egypt, Brits are changing the way they holiday and are opting for more familiar destinations … Read More

7 Places you Shouldn’t Vape

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When arguing about the merits of vaping over smoking, it’s commonly argued that vaping is better because you can do it anywhere. And while we (obviously) love vaping, we’re going to have to burst this particular bubble. It just isn’t … Read More

How to Have the Time of Your Life in Las Vegas

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Gambling gets all of the attention when people think about things to do in Las Vegas. But people often forget that the city is filled with entertainment, shopping and eating on par with just about any city in the world. So … Read More

10 Things You Must Do on Safari

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How many different things can you do on an African safari? How do you decide between the must-see and the rarely-seen? Do you head for the savannas, the rain forests or the jungles? Planning an adventure around endless possibilities always … Read More

How To Start A Travel Blog and Make Money With It

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Today I’m going to show you how to start a travel blog in a matter of minutes; for only $2.95/month; even if you and computers aren’t on the best of terms. The purpose of this guide is to build a … Read More

Vaping Whilst Travelling – What You Need To Know

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Many people may be thinking about booking their summer holiday at this time of year – as it gives us something to aim towards while we’re trying to traverse through the chilly winter months. We all have a different idea … Read More

Photographic Guide to Mount Everest Tour in Tibet

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Blessed with epic mountain vista, turquoise alpine lakes and profound Buddhist culture, for years Tibet has held its irresistible allure to world-wide photographers. Apart from the fervent Tibetan pilgrims on the street in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, the most … Read More

10 Tips That Will Help You Pack for Your Next Cruise

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Packing. We all do it differently. Some of us take our time and make sure everything is taken care of, and some of us leave it all to the last minute. It can be pretty annoying when you forget something … Read More

5 Ways to Build Your CV Whilst Travelling

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Despite what your parents or career advisor believe, spending a year or more travelling abroad isn’t simply an extended holiday. Sure, there’ll be lots of beaches, amazing food and late night parties with new friends from around the world, but … Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Japanese Trains and The Japan Rail Pass

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Japan is one of the world’s pioneering countries when it comes to railway services and public transportation. The country is famous for its amazingly reliable train system. Their average delay time per whole year is one single minute. And if … Read More

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