12 Best Places to visit in Europe

12 Best Places to visit in Europe

When you want to venture out of your comfort zone on an adventure trip, you deserved the best that will linger in your memory long after you have come back from the tourist visit. If your destination is Europe; here are the 12 best places that you can be and you can be sure of unlimited fun.

#1 Paris

Paris is the happening city of the world. You will get to see highly regarded museums, monuments, and churches in the city. Eiffel Tower and the Notre-Dame Cathedral are some of the iconic sights that you will get to see when you are in this city. There are attractions at the sidewalk cafes that you will enjoy during the day; the city comes alive during the night; the splendor is something you will love and cherish.

# 2 Rome

The choice of this city is not a waste of time. Beginning with the choice delicacies that you will find through the alleys and the historical sites that you will find at every turn; this Italian city is a place you must visit at least once in a lifetime. Your visit will open you to interesting sites like the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica as well as the wonder of Trevi Fountain

# 3 London

In London, the world-class music museum is a must see. A tour of the Tower of London will leave you with stories to tell. The local pub life will also present something more exciting than you have ever experienced before. Though this is an expensive city; but the money spent is worth it when you consider what you will get in return.

# 4 Florence

This is yet another gift to the travel industry from Italy. This city boasts of world-class museums, quaint hotels, stunning architecture that will leave you with your jaws dropped. You will love climbing to the top of Duomo. Taking a view of the Michelangelo’s David from Ponte Vecchio. The excitement that you will meet on the ground will linger in you long after you have returned to your base.

# 5 Santorini

If you are a lover of beaches and you want to see the best of it that the wonders of nature can offer, you have not seen anything until after a visit to this city reputed for its beaches- you will get to see the red and black sand beaches here. Spare some time also to visit the archaeological sites that you will get to see around Santorini.

# 6 Amsterdam

You may have read about the red-light districts and the coffee shop, but you will get to see much more when you get to this city. You can have fun biking along the city canals and catch fun along the stylish streets. There are notable museums around and you will get to see friendly locals around you. This is an inexpensive city.

# 7 Barcelona

The architecture that comes with this city makes it stand out and the reason why it was included on the list of 12. You will get to see the best of architecture that is on offer in the world. Take it up to a visit to the beaches around and the pleasure of partaking in the local food will definitely give you cause for joy and excitement.

# 8 Venice

If you are in love and you desire a place where two lovebirds will have excitement unlimited without borders, you must come to this city. You will also be amazed by the abundance of theaters, churches, historical sights and eateries. This is a city that has something awe-inspiring for every visitor that comes in for a tourist visit.

# 9 Athens

For those who are conversant with historical events, this city will ring a bell. If you want to get the reality of the past combined with the present, then this city is a place to be. The architecture of this city is better experienced than imagined. If you are in Europe, then you must make a stopover at this gateway of Europe. The Acropolis and Parthenon are a must see in this city.

# 10 Prague

Do you want to experience something that you have never experienced in your lifetime? Have you ever seen the Gothic architecture? Are you a lover of music ad you want to enjoy tunes that you never thought existed? Please visit Prague anytime you are in Europe. You will get the best of all the combinations mentioned above in this city.

# 11 Swiss Alps

If you are an enthusiast of winter sports; then you have not seen anything near the best until you visit this city. Skiing, hiking, and snowboarding are the dominant sports here and you will see them in a different dimension in this region. Talk of quaint towns, the serene lakes as well as gorgeous scenery; you will have your fill of them here.

# 12 Lisbon

The take on the 12 cities that you can visit while you are in Europe will not be complete if the hilly city of Lisbon is not included. You will fall in love with the mix of the best of the old and new architecture. This is indeed a charming city; the fact that the locals are friendly people will make your tourist stay here something that you will want to experience over and over again.

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